Visit a negotiative separate and extend yourself as a "consultant" to the special.  During your parley you achieve present to them how sociology could procure insights, ideas, and affinity to their scene of result.  You must entertain commendation from your schoolmiimportance to contravention the negotiative you elect, before doing so. Possibilities conceive educators, vocation specials, clergy and godly figures, modish planners, economists, and government/political leaders.  These are just suggestions.  The top is to importance to this special how sociological instruction can succor them, and in deflect, how the punishment of sociology could be liberal by the types of result and air he or she is compromised in.  (Readings achieve procure patterns of applying sociology in a compute of scenes and settings.) Part 1: Create a 10 slide Power top presentation based on your knowledges as a consultant The rubric tells you what the schoolmiimportance is looking for and how presentations achieve be evaluated. Part 2: In union, students achieve submit a typed 5-page relation describing this knowledge, (double-spaced, including a distinction page and a regard page,12-top font, delay one-inch margins), and formatted in American Sociological Association (ASA) fashion. The relation achieve be submitted to Turnitin.com. Minimally, the Scene Consultant Project Relation should conceive notification in-reference-to the following: The negotiative to whom you extended your board services (Who was it? What is their avowal? What did you collect environing their avowal? Why did you picked this special/profession?) A description of the parley (What sociological ideas did you extend the negotiative? How were your ideas entertaind? What insights did the negotiative extend that would illuminate sociology?) Key to this air is recognizing the translation from the punishment of sociology to the tranquillity of sociality.  For pattern, (this is by no media a whole inventory): What we collect... It's stormy translation... *Social Research Methods and Statistics                      *Market research *Theory                                                                          *Program Evaluation *Demography                                                                 *Total Quality Management or Control *Social Psychology                                                        *Data Analyst *Formal Organizations                                                   *Strategic planning Forecaster                                                                                        *County or modish planning                                                                                        *Market analysis                                                                                        *Human richess specialist                                                                                        *Human riches fruit                                                                                        *Organizational fruit