Thesis on Social Security

Social Security was a amiable subject but somewhere parallel the way it was not conceit out to developed. The Political Security Act was authorized in to law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on August 14, 1935. It intervening diverse conditions for unconcealed well-behaved-being and created a political security program deauthorized to pay private workers age 65 or older a stable allowance following departure. There two greater conditions cognate to the patriarchal, Title I- Grants to States for Old-Age Assistance, which cheered recite well-behaved-being programs for the patriarchal, and Title II-Federal Old-Age Benefits.It was Title II that was the new political security program we now purpose of as Political Security. In the primordial Act profits were to be hired singly to the pristine worker when he/she private at age 65. Benefits were to be naturalized on payroll tax contributions that the worker made during his/her afloat career. Payment of monthly Political Security profits began in January 1940, and were authorized not singly for patriarchal private workers but for their patriarchal wives or widows, manifestation beneath age 18, and present patriarchal parents.The primary monthly departure cohibit was issued on January 31, 1940 to a lady by the spectry of Ida May Fuller of Ludlow, Vermont, in the quantity of $22. 54. Miss Fuller, a Legal Secretary, private in November 1939. She instituted collecting profits in January 1940 at age 65 and lived to be 100 years old, death in 1975. (http://www. ssa. gov/history/briefhistory3. html) Aggravate the years there were divers changes to the primordial Political Security Act (SSA). One of these changes happened in the slow 1960’s and present 1970’s. The SSA became legal for a new program, Supplemental Security Allowance (SSI).In the primordial 1935 Political Security Act, programs were introduced for poor patriarchal and unconscious living-souls and, in 1950, poor disabled living-souls were added. These three programs were known as the "adult categories" and were administered by Recite and national governments after a while unfair Federal funding. Aggravate the years, the Recite programs became aggravate confused and discursive, after a while as divers as 1,350 administrative agencies confused and payments varying aggravate than 300% from Recite to State. (http://www. ssa. gov/history/briefhistory3. html) From its polished beginnings, Political Security has developed to beseem an superfluous facet of present career.One in seven Americans admits a Political Security profit, and aggravate than 90 percent of all workers are in jobs trained by Political Security. From 1940, when subordinately aggravate than 222,000 tribe ordinary monthly Political Security profits, until today, when aggravate 50 favorite tribe admit such profits, Political Security has developed steadily. The SSI program has developed as well-behaved-behaved from its fife in 1974. In 2008 it was estimated that 50,898,244 Americans ordinary $615,344,000,000 in Political Security and npresent 7,520,501 Americans ordinary $43,040,000,000 in SSI profits. ( gov/history/briefhistory3.html">http://www. ssa. gov/history/briefhistory3. html)