journal about movie

This My Movie Log register is grounded on our class screening of Big, our disroute of "MIse-en-scène", and this week's route balbutiation.  You should consummate these antecedently tackling this Journal.  Your register should conceive the aftercited two parts: Part One:  Mise-en-scene conceives Pur-pose and Composition.  In your language, diminutively recount these two conditions.  Also, what are the local components of pur-poseexplored in your balbutiation (see "Design" in Chapter 5)? (you can afford a roll of these components)  (target 150 language) Part Two:  Focus on one stand-out moment/scene in Big. Analyze your stand-out moment grounded on the use of pur-pose.  In what ways does the mise-en-scène (specifically one component of pur-pose) totality the execution fashion and fact?   For this diminutive segregation centre on one component of pur-pose that stands out to you (see “Design” in Chapter 5).  Using local examples from your stand-out moment/scene, in what ways does that component of pur-pose totality the execution and fact?  Although Lighting is besides a pur-pose component, content do not use lighting for this segregation.  (target 150 language)