network configuration and design

   One of the momentous areas of netresult  outline is transmission moderate protocol/Internet protocol  (TCP/IP) addressing and administration. Proper outline and administration  processes are required to act the netresult efficiently and abandon  excess result in the reoutline of the plan as the netresult  requirements vary and the plan grows. modify the Netresult Improvement Plan  muniment to apprehend the optimum outline of the TCP/IP addressing  device for the plan, and you achieve so muniment the means-of-support  mode for this phase of the network. TCP/IP Addressing and Management  Document an addressing device for the TCP/IP addresses used for the network.   Include categories of netresult media, users, and the address  ranges to be used for the floating and implicit advenient media and  users.    Describe the TCP/IP address means-of-support mode prepared for the  system. Means-of-support should apprehend assignment of new addresses and a  periodic re-examination of floatingly assigned addresses.