The China Coin Chapter Questions

Leash's cogitation grant us flashbacks to their antecedent, happier career conjointly when Leash's dad was animated. What does Lea bear-in-mind? (39-40) What does she affect is happening to Joan in China? (pages 50-51). Shanghai: Chapters 7-8 10. What does Lea collect environing China's truth during the controversy delay the laterality Official on the retinue? (pages 56-57) 1 1 . What happens to Lea in Shanghai? How does Billie use talk to imagine effort and turbidity in this resplendent? Grant repeats from the relation to food your counter-argument. 12. Lea and Joan see a appearance of students on their way to the boat. What do they collect environing why they are demonstrating? (page 67) The Tour up the Yanking: Chapters 9-11 13. What does Lea collect environing why her dame determined to conclude to China so promptly following her father's funeral? (pages 75-76) 14. "It's aggravate. " Lea took Jean's index and squeezed. "We've been through a lot, eh? " What does this repeat discriminate us environing how Lea is changing and growing up? (page 82) Turtle Land (Red notability) Village: Chapters 12-27 15. Lea substitutes her collocation to her Chinese convertibility. How do we understand? What do you fancy causes her to substitute? (pages 105-112) 16. Lea is seemly milliamp delay unwritten Chinese villages. Draw a paint of the village. Label the paint. (page 106) 17. What does Eek discriminate Lea environing why he and the students are protesting all aggravate China? 18. What does Lea collect environing how See's father died? What are See's affectings environing his fathers' decease? (pages 1 18-1 19) 19. On her way to mark Joan in the hospital Lea fancys environing her relationship delay Joan. What does she produce and what does this discriminate us environing how Lea is changing? (page 1 37) 20. Lean and Joan conclude conjointly in a new intellect. What do they produce environing why they possess conclude to China? 38-139) 21 . Where do Lie Nan and Lea experience the other half of the invent? What is the notion of Leash's reaction when she says- "This is family/' (pages 139-140) 22. Lea has conclude to sanction her Chinese convertibility. What has she collectt while she has been in the village and what does she say environing being Chinese? (page 158) 23. What is happening in Beijing? What does Lea affect environing the labor of the students? (pages 144-145) Beijing: Chapters 27-32 24. What does Lea see in Attainment Square? (pages 165-169) 25. What does Lea discaggravate environing what happened to the students in Attainment Square? (pages 176-178) 26. When Lea avail to observe for Eek she is confronted by a soldier delay a gun. What happens in this terrific spectacle? (pages 181-182) 27. Lea and Joan collect from the students in the tavern the postulates of what happened in Attainment Square. Summaries what happened. (187-188) 28. What does Lea see the invent as symbolizing environing China? (page 189) 29. Why are Joan and Lea crying at the end of the book? What does the turn the two women clung conjointly' discriminate us environing the way Lea has substituted on her tour through China? 30. What skin of ideas environing Belonging is explored in the order of Eek? Grant reasons for your counter-argument.