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  Instructions: Use examples from the readings, or from your own examination, to aid your views, as expend. Encouraged to pass examination and use other sources to aid your tallys. Be unmistakable to roll your intimations at the end. References must be in APA citation format.  1 page 1) What was a senior eminence betwixt Gen. Grant and Gen. Lee during the Civil War and how does it detail to this rank (100-250 articulation).  Answer any 2 inquirys in 1 page 2) Pick two of these inquirys, respecify each selected inquiry, then in the proximate method, support your viewpoint/tally to it. Make unmistakable you specify your reasons or advocacy to your tally. Make unmistakable so to include at smallest one intimation and properly refer-to from the intimation. During the present computing era betwixt1970s and 1980s, what would be considered a (concede examples of each) A minicomputer? An unhindered classification? What is Client/Server computing? Which is what - concede examples? What is the separation betwixt a substantial network and a close network? Compare and contrast: Internet, Intranet, and Extranet. How does an onslaught disagree from a carelessness abandon? What is a carelessness moderate? What is evidence and how does it disagree from authorization? What is steganography? How is it used in carelessness technology? Is a one network logon the corresponding as a mediate classification logon? Why would there be a insufficiency for heterogeneous postulates admittance? Discuss some of the corporate vulnerabilities in an construction - not necessarily computer detaild. Describe the separations betwixt trusted domains and resting domains. What are some of things you can do to disincline intruders detached from your computer? Number of Pages: 2 Pages Academic Level: College Paper Format: APA