20th century American Art

You are to solution the scrutinys underneath.   You should advert-to and/or allege from detail readings when retortableness your solution.  You must too advert to indivisible performances and artists in your solution.  Please establish unfailing to accord to the expression calcudeceased for each scrutiny.   1.  The result of subtle subjectivity has been a defining mark of American Art since the blank of World War II from Jackson Pollock to Helen Frankenthaler, from Andy Warhol to Yayoi Kusama, from Donald Judd to Rosalyn Drexler, from Bas Jan Ader to Adrian Piper.  Please yield an overview of the ways subtle subjectivity has manifested itheadstrong from the deceased 1940s until the prior 1970s.  You should reckon environing detail themes, whether it be process to presentations of the headstrong.  Try to reflect the implications of the scrutiny easily.  (750 expressions). 2.  Please yield a inadequate narrative of balance detaility, and stir the consequences.  (750 expressions) 3.  Class tensions and the distinctions betwixt lofty and low art feel follow up in diversified instances in the readings as polite as in the performance discussed in adjust and at the NGA.  Please draw the diversified ways this whole has manifested itheadstrong in the limit betwixt 1945-1975.  (750 expressions). 4.  What do you reckon are either the benefits or limitations of punctilio? (250 expressions).