Assemble Various Ethical Viewpoints to Address an Ethical Dilemma

Begin by selecting a fact examine of an ghostly quandary that you discovered in the investigation during this conduct. Review the fact examine from the lens of each ghostly viewpoint (utilitarianism, deontology, altruism, and ghostly egoism) explored in the assigned readings. Then, adapt a PowerPoint exhibition for a bunch of undergraduate duty students in which you procure details on how a special delay each ghostly viewpoint would oration the ghostly quandary outlined in your fact examine. Procure examples from the investigation supported or validating each viewpoint, and then forebode practicable outcomes for each. Determine how uncommon viewpoints may contact ghostly communications in an organizational setting. Incorporate divert animations, transitions, and graphics as well-behaved-behaved as debater notes for each slide. The debater notes may be interjacent of dirty paragraphs or bulleted lists. Support your exhibition delay at last seven skilled media. In specification to these certain media, other divert skilled media may be comprised. Length: 15-20 slides (delay a different allusion slide) Notes Length: 200-350 language for each slide Be firm to embrace citations for quotations and paraphrases delay allusions in APA format and phraseology where divert. Save the polish as PPT delay the chasten conduct mode notification. The aftercited rubric applies to the grading for this Signature Assignment.