Culture, Family, and Community.week11

Culture, Family, and Community. Read provision 11 of the tabulate textbook and retrospect the steadfast PowerPoint presentation.  Once done; 1.  Define Culture, Family, and Community and debate how they are connected. 2.  Notice and debate what cultural concepts accomplish you use to furnish nursing pains to families, communities and, aggregates. 3.  Notice and debate germinative vigor problems in refugees and immigrant populations. 4.  Notice and debate interventions that are culturally sentient and relevant to discourse the vigor concerns of a refugee population. INSTRUCTIONS: As methodic in the syllabus confer-upon your assignment in an APA format signal muniment, Arial 12 font steadfast to the forum in the debateion tab of the blackboard titled “Week 11 debateion questions” and the SafeAssign practice in the assignment tab of the blackboard.   It is mandatory to support your assignment in the SafeAssign practice.  If the assignment is not supported there, I accomplish walk the assignment as 0.  A reserve of 2 evidence-based references also the tabulate textbook no older than 5 years must be used and quoted.  You must support two replies to any of your comrades sustained delay the fair references no older than 5 years in two divergent days to demonstrate furniture and as polite reach infallible the references are fairly quoted in your assignment and you notice to whom you are replicationing to.  The replication is a expatiate to your comrade not an extension of your assignment.   A reserve of 800 signals is required.  Please reach infallible to supervene the instructions as ardent and use either spell-check or Grammarly precedently you support your assignment.  Please retrospect the rubric steadfast in disquisition You must confer-upon the assignment according to how it is supported, correspondent the questions by enumerate, essay-style assignments accomplish not be reliable spontaneous incorrectly exact.  I’ve been grading a lot of assignments delay truly a few spelling/grammar errors.