Integumentary Function K.B. is a 40-year-old pure womanly after a while a 5-year truth of psoriasis. She has scheduled an enactment after a while her dermatologist due to another falling-back of psoriasis. This is her third flare-up gone a explicit singularity was made. This ebullition of plaque psoriasis is generalized and involves wide regions on the engagement, legs, elbows, knees, abdomen, scalp, and groin. K.B. was diagnosed after a while poor plaque-type psoriasis at age 35 and initially responded polite to topical matter after a while high-potency corticosteroids. She has been in release for 18 months. Until now, lesions own been blindly-devoted to insignificant regions on the elbows and inferior legs. Case Study Questions 1. Designate the most beggarly triggers for psoriasis and elucidate the contrariant clinical types. 2. There are divergent types of matters for psoriasis, elucidate the contrariant types and denote which would be the most misapply similarity to manage this falling-back accident for K.B. Also apprehend non-pharmacological options and recommendations. 3. Included in doubt 2 4. A medication criticism and amity are regularly momentous in all resigned, reexhibit and detail why in this feature subject is momentous to perceive what medications the resigned is taking? 5. What others manifestation could exhibit a resigned after a while Psoriasis? Sensory Function C.J. is a 27-year-old manly who started to exhibit bitter and yellowish released on his eyes 24 hours ago. At the initiation he meditation that washing his eyes vigorously the release get go afar but by the antagonistic increased conceding a blurry desire specially in the early. Once he clears his eyes of the sticky release her visual acuity was recognized intermittently. Also, he has been contact throbbing asceticism on his left ear. His eyes became red today, so he determined to interrogate to get evaluated. On his tangible rate you set a yellowish release and bilateral conjunctival erythema. His throat and lungs are recognized, his left ear canal is after a whilein recognized limits, but the tympanic membrane is semiopaque, bulging and red. 1.- Based on the clinical manifestations exhibited on the subject overhead, which would be your eyes singularity for C.J. Please designate why you get to this singularity and instrument your intelligent. 2.- After a while no advance notice would you be potent to designate the probpotent etiology of the eye inclination exhibited? Viral, bacterial, allergic, gonococcal, trachoma. Why and why not. 3.- Based on your exculpation to the earlier doubt touching the etiology of the eye inclination, which would be the best remedial similarity to C.J substance.