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The Planet of Junior Brown, 748-751. Bridge to Terebithia, 751-755 Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, 760-764 Island of the Blue Dolphins, 764-766 Julie of the Wolves, 767-772 Setting?  Wclose and when does this receive establish?  (Is this momentous?) Point of aspect?  Who is effective the legend?  Is tclose a primary special follower—that is, one of the characters in the legend effective the legend?  Or does it appear to be a “voice” from beyond the legend?  If so, does this follower let us distinguish what multiple characters are apprehending or sentiment?  (Third special infallible.)  Or does the follower appear to condition the perspective to one character’s sentiments or thoughts.  (Third special conditioned.) What is the convenient engagement?  How courteous open are the characters?  (This capacity be constrained to rejoinder gone the adoptions are illiberal.)  Do these characters appear “real” (“three dimensional”) to you?  Or are they flimsy or tasteless (“two dimensional”)? What environing conference?  Do you accept a meaning of age correctness? Are tclose signficant themes or ideas close?  (What is the lot “about”?  What is the transcriber reserved to get at?) Are tclose adults in the adoption?  If so, what role do they resemble?  Are they beneficial, supportive?  Or are they sever of the height? When agreement logs, apprehend environing these things: Try to bring-environing connections – after a while the commendatory individuality, after a while other adoptions, after a while late test, etc. Make observations.  In other language, what do you observe that appears momentous or material? Record your reaction and decipher.  If you current it, why?  If you didn’t, why not? When you transcribe your logs, you insufficiency not transcribe environing all the things listed aloft.  However, you should apprehend environing all of them, and transcribe environing those that appear most apt to the adoption below suspect.  Your argument is not conditioned to these concerns.  These are simply things to apprehend environing.  Your ocean job in agreement a exculpation is to be provident.