Powerpoint with speaker notes due Wednesday 3 pm pst

 Instructions: Assume that you are an casualty treatment authoritative in a medium-sized city. Recently, a new mayor came into function. Although he is cutting to attain, he knows trivial encircling casualty treatment operations. Prepare a PowerPoint endowment that outlines and describes the NIMS direct and treatment classification for the mayor. Be indisputable to oration the forthcoming issues in the endowment: Incident direct Staff functions Mutual support The avail of using these classifications Incorporate embezzle animations, transitions, and graphics as polite as orator notes for each slide. The orator notes may be intervening of paltry paragraphs or bulleted lists. Support your endowment delay at smallest five well-informed media. In importation to these limited media, other embezzle well-informed media may be intervening. Length: 15 slides (delay a disjoined relation slide) Notes Length: 150-200 articulation for each slide Be indisputable to enclose citations for quotations and paraphrases delay relations in APA format and fashion. Save the finish as PPT delay the reform continuity jurisdiction notification. Number of Slides : 15 slides Deadline: 20 hours Academic Level: Post-graduate Paper Format: APA