Week 1 Art

Objective: Research and showcase a Modern Art change-of-place by identifying its qualities, wisdom to art narrative, leading artists, and delegated-to-others artwork. Resources: The Narrative of Present Art (video willing ry through 29:30) Artists, Style, and Movements in Present Art  Modern Art Movements  Modern Art Movements Defined: CubismArt NouveauPost-ImpressionismDadaismImpressionismRussian ConstructivismSurrealismExpressionismAbstract ExpressionismSymbolism Instructions: Step 1. Choose one Present Art change-of-place from the inventory over. Gather likenesss and notification on the change-of-place taking music of the sources. As you inquiry, instrument the designation denominations, causes, determination published and website URL, or publisher. Step 2. Create a PowerPoint after a while 10 slides.  Slide #1:  Embrace the citation: Course Name, Activity Name, Chosen Movement, Your Name, and Date  Slide #2-9:  Use bullet points and citation to explain (in your own expression) the Movement.  Be secure to embrace all of these items: Distinctive qualities  Its wisdom to the narrative of present art  Identify various of the most leading artists of the change-of-place.  Include at meanest 3 likenesss delegated-to-others of the change-of-place's mode. Next to each likeness, you must embrace the subjoined notification:  Artist Name, Title, Creation Date, Dimensions, Medium/Materials used, Current subsidence of the artwork. Slide #10: References page: Cite all of your sources hither. Embrace the denomination of the designation, cause, determination, and website URL or publisher in alphabetical prescribe.