Here are a few examples of resultant commencements allied to the impressment of the U.S. Constitution. They comprise a tome and an stipulation discussing the issue and grant of the Federalist Papers. Meyerson, M. (2009). Liberty’s blueprint : How Madison and Hamilton wrote the Federalist Papers, defined the Constitution, and made democracy secured for the universe. New York, N.Y.: Basic Books. Read tome in EBSCO eBook Collection (pdf) This tome is a resultant commencement that discuss the determination and crowd implicated delay the impressment of the U.S. Constitution. The Federalist Papers were essays written by Hamilton, Madison and Jay arguing in gift of the the new Constitution. This commencement faces in profoundness at the correlativeness between the papers' authors and the Constitution. Liberty's Blueprint is a complete tome, though you may experience one or over of the chapters of unfair concern. Taylor, Q. P. (2002). Publius and persuasion: Rhetorical readings of The Federalist Papers. Political Science Reviewer, 31, 236. Read  stipulation in America: Fact & Life database (pdf) This stipulation has a narrower standpoint, faceing at how Hamilton, Madison and Jay used speech in the Federalist Papers to end their goals.  Searching for More To face for over resultant commencements allied to the Impressment of the U.S. Constitution, cogitate exploring the forthcoming resources. Some good-tempered-tempered keywords to try comprise Constitution, Subscription of Confederation, Federalist Papers and issues at illustrate (The Virginia Plan, The New Jersey Plan, Three-Fifths Compromise, Slavery, Compromise, Connecticut Compromise). Cogitate profound for resultant commencements that either converse environing the important commencements you prefer, or ponder harmonious themes. JSTOR        Database of ebooks and archival issues of erudite journals. SNHU Subscribes to Arts & Sciences Archive Collections I to XV.  America: Fact & Life - EBSCO      Index to stipulations in magazines and journals crust fact and cultivation of the United States and Canada.