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Dhir History of all eminent attempts is to auditor that no eminent attempt was incessantly produced delayout either the locomotive or enduring foundation of a person’s enclosing and one’s expressioninate quarters. Thus it is not inexplicpotent to determine how locomotive acceleration from seniors could prohibitively contact the attempt of a purpose . I am greatly beholden to our skilled talent Mr. Nitin Dhir for her locomotive control throughout the aggreentrance of purpose.Last but not the feebleest, I would as-well-behaved neglect enter my perception to those who could not be mentioned hither but hither well-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved played their role to imbue the surrender. B rajdeep Singh Tpotent of satisfied ? INTRODUCTION OF TWO WHEELER INDUSTRY • • • Global two wheeler dispense – 2009 Two-wheelers Dissipation Trend Two-wheelers on a flatten ? INTRODUCTION OF TV Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Limited (TVSs) ? OPERATIONS REVIEW • • • • ? ? ? ? ? Peculiarity TQM Consume superintendence Going recentSuzuki sees TVS Motor as ocean opponent TVS Motor Community – Mission Vision Statement TVSM – Management for enlargement BCG MATRIX • • • • Specie cow Bigwig Scrutiny indication dog ANSOFF MODEL :• Dispense sagacity • • • ? ? Dispense bud Emanation bud Diversification’ TOWS ANALYSIS:SUGGESTION Use presentd by showroom opponents sales advancement ? BIBLIOGRAPHY:- • • • INTRODUCTION OF TWO WHEELER INDUSTRY Automobile is one of the liberalst industries in global dispense. Being the pioneer in emanation and manner technologies in the manufacturing sector, it has been endical as one of the pressrs of economic enlargement. During the ultimate decade, well-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved directed attempts invadetain been made to arrange a new face to the automobile pur-pose for realizing the sector's bountiful germinative for the administration.Aggressive dispenseing by the auto finance companies invadetain as-well-behaved played a weighty role in boosting automobile call-for, in-particular from the population in the mean proceeds assemblage. Two-wheeler section is one of the most expressive components of the automobile sector that has inferiorneathgone weighty changes due to transfer in pur-pose environment. The two-wheeler perseverance has been in being in the empire gone 1955. It consists of three sections viz. scooters, motorcycles and mopeds. In India thither are some MNC’s and Indian community practice in automobile sector.The ocean key players who are practice in this sector are Hero Honda, Bajaj, Yamaha, Honda, and TVS. Global two wheeler dispense – 2009 Two-wheelers to reocean the preferred discretion aggravate Cars – The tenure and oceantenance consume of a car is 4 causes of a two wheeler – Two wheelers yield a loftier mileage of 70kmpl as compared to 12kmpl of the cars. – Mileage is a key rudiment influencing buying bearing. Size of the aggreentrance dispense: 43 favorite collection Figures in % 42 22 9 2 3 5 15 2 Thailand USA Brazil Others China India Indonesia Vietnam Two-wheelers Dissipation Trend? Grimputpotent attempting population ?Increased adit to reputation and inferior curiosity-behalf loans ? Increased consumer include of financial emanations ? Upward locomotion of well-mannered-acquainted proceeds rolls ? Fast paced urbanization to soften from 28% to 40% by 2020 ? Mean rank expanding by 30 - 40 favorite incessantlyy year India is on incessantlyy elder global automobile player's pathmap and it isn't inexplicpotent to see why: ? India is the 2nd liberalst two-wheeler dispense in the earth, ? 4th liberalst interchangepotent walk dispense in the earth ? 11th liberalst voyager car dispense in the earth and is ? Expected to beseem the 7th liberalst by 2016.Two-wheelers on a flatten ? ? The call-for pressrs for the two-wheeler perseverance are Haughty enlargement in use sector @ 9% ? Favorpotent demographics – a boyish population, exaltation house-restrain proceedss, increasing literacy rolls ? ? ? Faster induction of new moulds Increasing resuscitation call-for (from 6 to 3 years) Absence of potent notorious enravishment. ? Increased availability of low consume vend finance (neutralize than 1500 subsidences) The key rudiments emerging are:• Target parley for two-wheelers is gigantic. • 140 mn commonalty earn be borrowed to the attempting population in the direct 5 years cause.Two-wheelers to reocean the preferred discretion aggravate Cars – The tenure and oceantenance consume of a car is 4 causes of a two wheeler – Two wheelers yield a loftier mileage of 70kmpl as compared to 12kmpl of the cars – Mileage is a key rudiment influencing buying bearing. 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 Induction of TV Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Limited (TVSs) TVS Motors is the advance liberalst community in the two-wheeler perseverance delay a dispense distribute of 16%. Infect, it is the barely Indian community delayout a outlandish collaboration in the two-wheeler perseverance.When the community opted out of the collaboration delay Suzuki in 2002, divers believed that TVS was headed towards suffocation. But the community showd the doomsayers injustice and came out delay a very auspicious `TVS Victor'. TVS Motors Ltd. commencementally incorporated in 1982 to construction two-wheelers in collaboration delay Suzuki Motors of Japan, TVS was one of the pioneers in two-wheeler perseverance. It is the usurpation community for the TVS Assemblage of companies affianced in the manufacturing of several automotive components, two wheelers and a few other industrial emanations.They are as-well-behaved into the financial uses sector. The deviateaggravate of the solid assemblage was expressioninate to $2 billion in 2003. TVS was founded by T. V. Sundaram Iyengar in 1911. It is the barely automotive constructionr in India to get the prestigious Deming Prize. One of its subsidiaries Sundaram Clayton was the pristine community in India to accept the Deming followed by Sundaram Brake Linings as-well-behaved getting the Deming Prize. This spoil is "given to constructions or dispersions of constructions that invadetain achieved deep execution progress through the application of TQM in a designated year. Sundaram Clayton went on to be awarded the Japan Peculiarity Medal. The TVS assemblage of companies is oceanly situated in Padi, Tamil Nadu, in the Type Founded Headquarters Key commonalty Products Revenue Private Conglomerate (BSE) in 1911 by Shri. T V Sundaram Iyengar Chennai, Tamilnadu, India Mr. Venu Srinivasan Chairman Motorcycles,Mopeds,Ungeared scooters, Automotive components USD 3. 2 billion (FY 2009) TVS Motors:TVS Motor Community has its commencement in SUndaram Clayton Limited, Moped Division, formal in 1980.The rudimenty was formal in Hosur, Tamil Nadu in southern India. The pristine emanation afloat was a 50 cc moped, which appealed to the masses consequently of its pliancy to heave two commonalty. In the selfselfidentical subsidence, the selfselfidentical advancers formal another community in 1984, in collaboration delay Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan, for the construction of 100 cc motorcycles inferiorneathneath the infamy call of Ind-Suzuki Motorcycles. Subsequently in the moped dispersion was bought by Ind Suzuki Motorcycles in 1987 and the community modifipotent its call to TVS Suzuki Ltd.Even though the community formal submissive all kinds of two wheelers relish mopeds, scooters and motorcycles, the collaboration delay Suzuki continued for the motorcycles barely. The collaboration delay Suzuki Motor Corporation ended in 2001 and gone then the call of the community modifipotent to TVS Motor Company. The community now develops all types of two-wheelers through its own in house R&D pliancy and constructions in three subsidences in India, Hosur in Tamil Nadu, Mysore in Karnataka and Baddi in Himachal Pradesh.It has recently formal a new manufacturing set in Indonesia to yield to the South East Asian dispense. The Chairman and Managing Director of the Community is Mr. Venu Srinivasan who is the grandson of TV Sundaram Iyengar. OPERATIONS REVIEW Peculiarity The Community has weightyly emendd the peculiarity execution of all its emanations through a invaripotent drudgery security advance. The circumstance that the Community came out delay Perseverance pristine five year entered safeguard program on Bigwig infamy is a confirmation to its manufacturing peculiarity. TQM The Community continues to profit from 100% community of employees inTQM activities. The employees invadetain completed neutralize than 1,200 purposes through QC Circles and Cross Functional Teams. The mean compute of suggestions implemented per employee was 69 during 2007-08. Consume superintendence The Community continues its unyielding convergence on consumes through an potent deployment rule. Compute engineering and fetid global sourcing purposes are being pursued to produce representative consumes and as-well-behaved to imperfectly counteract input representative consume extension. TPM is accustomed in all the sets to secure weighty progress in emanationivity and abatement in manufacturing consume.During 2007-08, the Hosur and Mysore sets were awarded the TPM brilliance certificate by the Japanese Institute of Set Superintendence (JIPM). Going recentGoing recent, the path for TVS appears to be bumpy. Automobile perseverance is the most competitive perseverance delay emulation on all fronts viz. pricing, innovations, yield society, pliancy etc. The birth is excite pressing by soften in raw representatives relish steel, rubber, plastics etc, as the community is not potent to extension the retailing appraisement in adaptation, thereby solemn the net emolument enlargement. This is plum from the circumstance that though in FY04 sales grew by 4%, open emolument bare by 1%. Though the raw representative appraisements invadetain cooled off from their peaks, we await extremitys to reocean inferiorneathneath exigency in nigh forthcoming. Riding on weighty enlargement in the two-wheeler section aggravate the years, coupled delay potent specie comcomlie and awaitation of light administration, two wheeler companies invadetain been pur-posening tonnage paraphrases. Hero Honda has embarked on a crude scene paraphrase pur-pose (judicious cannonade of Rs 2. 5 bn). Bajaj Auto (BJAT. BO, intelligence) is awaited to extension its tonnage by 33% by June 2005. Similarly Honda Motors and Scooters (SCOO. BO, intelligence) India Ltd, 100% promotive of Honda Motors Japan is awaited to double its tonnage in FY06. These buds are relishly to beget a weighty extension in yield of two wheelers, changing the call-for yield scenario and thus putting exigency on extremitys. As compared to TVS, its opponents are sitting delay on a gigantic accumulate of specie. Hero Honda generated expressioninate to Rs 9 bn from exercises, whither as Bajaj Auto generated Rs 15 bn from exercise in FY04, thereby are in a amend comcomlie to enact paraphrase pur-poses.TVS generated Rs 2 bn from exercises in FY04. National Council for Applied and Economic Research (NCAER), in its ment has purposeed that the call-for for motorcycles earn be closely 10 causes of that of the scooters by 2011-12. TVS, traditionally is considered to be a portional player delay a potent restrain in Southern portion. As per NCAER ment, elder call-for for Scooters is awaited to succeeding from northern portion, which earn sumity for 50% of the aggreentrance call-for. Similarly the elder call-for for motorcycle is awaited to be from Western portion, which earn sumity for 40% of the aggreentrance call-for.Thus it earn claim considerpotent attempt on deal-out of the superintendence to weightyly emend their closeness in these portions. This may invadetain an alien contact on emoluments due to additional compensation on sumity of advertising and notoriousity. Suzuki sees TVS Motor as ocean opponent SUZUKI MOTOR Corporation (SMC) and Venu Srinivasan-led TVS Assemblage may invadetain deal-outed community. But the disunion seems to be quiet attempting on the belowneathstanding of the erstwhile outlandish deal-outner in the bygone junction hazard TVS Suzuki Ltd. (now TVS Motor).SMC, which is now invadeing the Indian two-wheeler section unconnectedly, has temper of authorized TVS Motor as its first opponent. In a colloquy delay the visiting Indian intelligencepersons at Hamamatsu in Japan, Shinzo Nakanishi, Managing Director, had on neutralize than one cause implied that their target would be TVS Motor. Suzuki would aim to equal the emanationion and sales of TVS. "Otherwise, thither is no significance for the divert,'' he asserted. Suzuki is exotericly intermission for the `cooling off' end support-disunion to end to propel head-on into the Indian two-wheeler dispense.The cooling-off end ends in April 2004. Mr. Nakanishi implied that the SMC junction hazard delay Integra Assemblage would go on drift in the autumn of 2005. While subdued to communicate the tonnage of the proposed set, he said the judicious Suzuki cannonade in the hazard would be about $10 favorite. To a scrutiny, he said, the junction hazard would convergence on submissive emanations in the enlargeing sections (100cc to 150cc indecent- clap walks). Suzuki had chosen the set subsidence in Haryana in scene of the circumstance that Maruti Udyog had already formal a liberal vendor low about that fix.Mr. Nakanishi said Integra would authority barely as a facilitator for Suzuki to get into the twowheeler vocation. "It earn be a entrance for us. We earn buy them out aggravate a end,'' he borrowed. Asked to observe on TVS Motor's aggravateture to invade the Southeast Asian dispense, Mr. Nakanishi was surrendered but did not palliate say. "We earn engagement them out thither as well-mannered-mannered-behaved,'' he asserted. The dispense in Southeast Asia was competitive, he said. And, Suzuki had closeness in countries relish Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Indian two wheeler dispense – Competitive ScenarioIndia is now the advance liberalst two-wheeler dispense in the earth TVS Motor Community - Mission We are committed to being a greatly emolumentable, socially lawful, and requisite constructionr of haughty compute for money, environmentally sociable, lifecause peculiar enravishmentation emanations inferiorneathneath the TVS infamy, for customers predominantly in Asian dispenses and to arrange occurrence and well-being for employees, dealers and suppliers. Vision Statement TVS Motor - Driven by the customer TVS Motor earn be obedient to customer claimments agreeconducive delay its heart wealth and emolumentability.TVS Motor earn arrange aggreentrance customer atonement by giving the customer the right emanation, at the right appraisement, at the right cause. TVS Motor - The Perseverance Pioneer TVS Motor earn be one incompact the top two two-wheeler constructionrs in India and one incompact the top five two-wheeler constructionrs in Asia. TVS Motor Community is the third liberalst twowheeler constructionr in India and one incompact the top ten in the earth, delay annual deviateaggravate of neutralize than USD 1 billion in 2007-2008, and is the flagship community of the USD 4 billion TVS Group.TVSM – Management for enlargement • Secure emanation pioneership by – Introducing infamys that burst compromises for customers. – Offering the most innovative ‘package’ of emanation, adit and finance. – Faster induction of Refresh / upgrades • Forge TVSM into an construction that is ‘fit for enlargement’ by – Delivering best-in-rank durability ; reliability – Building a poor and yielding manufacturing delay faster ramp-up pliancy. – Fetid global sourcing – Sweating good-natureds to the zenith. – Leveraging the authority of IT aggravate heart authoritys. • Accelerate bud ; deployment of energy-efficient technologies.TVS Motor supports 23% enlargement in November 2009 Scooters enbig at 38%; Domiciliary Sales extension 38%Hosur, 01 December 2009: TVS Motor Community has supported 23% enlargement in November 2009, registering aggreentrance two wheeler sales of 120,844 individuals across 98,402 individuals in the similar end of the foregoing year. The community continued to support enlargement in sales for the eighth consecutive month, registering a cumulative enlargement of 8% delay sales of 989,353 individuals in the exoteric financial year up to November 2009 across 917,439 individuals in the selfselfidentical end ultimate year.Domestic sales of the community auditored a quantum extension in sales positing enlargement of 38% recording 106,836 individuals in November 2009 as across 77,491 in the similar end of the foregoing year. The community's scooter sales grew by 38% supporting 25,115 individuals when compared to 18,210 individuals in the similar end of the foregoing year. Aggreentrance motorcycle sales of the community lucent at 45,080 individuals in November 2009 when compared to 45,276 individuals recitative in November 2008. Exports recitative sales of 14,008 individuals of two wheelers in November 2009 as across 60,911 individuals in the similar end of the foregoing year.During the month, the community unveiled two upsbiting emanations, 110 cc motorcycle TVS Jive and 110 cc unimpassioned scooter, TVS WEGO. TVS Jive features innovative T-Matic technology delay rotary possessions technology coupled delay an unimpassioned snatch. The bike's anti-stall contrivance makes allay riding practicconducive at low speeds plain in haughty possessionss, delayout the engine shutting off. The downward rotary possessions rule enables the rider to enter indifferent right from top possessions. The bike can be formal in any possessions and is responsive delay an electric biting for unhindereddom. TVS WEGO is a multi-user, family-sociconducive and chubby metal bodied scooter that strikes a unexceptionconducive neutralize betwixt uprightness and maneuverability, authority and mileage, and sturdiness and content, making it a pleasure to ride for any kind of users. The community hopes to add about 15% to 20% to its monthly sales, uniformly these new emanations are made availpotent in the dispense. BCG MATRIX OF TVS:- Bigwig Ungeared scootar Scrutiny indication (Flame bike and newly afloat ungeared scooter) Dog (Motorcycles) Specie cow ( Mopeds)Cash cow:- tvs moped is the specie cow of tvs motors ,consequently it covers 82 % dispense distribute in the moped sector The achievement of this emanation can be attributpotent to two things : appraisement and profit. At a low appraisement one could invadetain notability amend than a cycle and as-well-behaved which was single-minded to use and no hassles. The infamy became favorites for feeble commercers and at one summit of cause an note roll kind for teenagers Star: This kind represents the haughty dispense distribute and haughty perseverance enlargement. SBU’s in this kind claim liberal cannonade to surrender their composition. SBU earn deviate as specie cow succeeding some cause Ungeared scooters grew at 12% as compared to 16% in the foregoing year, increasing its kind distribute to 14%. that’s why it earn succeeding in bigwig kind Dogs: SBU’s in this kind generates hither specie for the community as it operates in low enlargement and low dispense distribute. Usually companies earn not endow in this kind and try to satisfy or unclothe. In the motorcycle kind, the Administration section suffered zenith delaydraw of 15%, as this section is most sentient to vend finance.The Executive section extensiond by 15%aided by propel of new emanations by requisite constructionrs. Bonus section recitative enlargement of 7% aggravate the foregoing year. The kind distribute of motorcycles came down extremityally from 82% in 2007-08 to 81% in 2008-09. so motorcycle earn succeeding in dogs kind Scrutiny Mark: This kind represents haughty dispense enlargement and low dispense distribute. SBU’s in this kind has two discretions, either to endow heavily and produce them to bigwig comcomlie or unclothe / satisfy from that composition. The efresh of TVS Flame and a new motorcycle pur-posened for propel in the advance half of 2009-10 earn acceleration the Community to leverage this occasion. The Community has a potent closeness in the sub-100cc ungeared scooter section. However, the Community is exotericly absent in the liberal scooter format, which sumitys for 70% of the aggreentrance ungeared scooters. The Community pur-poses to propel a new emanation during the advance half of 2009-10 to target these customers. Emergence of electric scooters, in-particular in the tenor of exaltation fuel appraisements, arranges a new adit of enlargement. So these emanations earn succeeding inferiorneathneath scrutiny indication kind ANSOFF MODEL:- Dispense sagacity: A management used in increasing the sales of community’s bulky emanations delayout modifying it in the bulky dispense. Characteristics of dispense sagacity. 1. Serve customer delay bulky emanations by space new stores. 2. Extension the advancement activities to extension the lessening. 3. Emend the use presentings. So in dispenseing sagacity community doing enter on moped dispense consequently thither are very few opponent and liberal dispense ,so this area TVS endical and attempting in this areaMarket bud: In this management community identifies the new dispenses to retail their bulky emanations In event of dispense bud community identifies and develops new dispenses for its bulky emanations. In the bonus section, TVSL auspiciously replaced a haughty retailing mould relish Fierro delay another recent emanation Apache. Apache concurrently delay the recently afloat fuel injected(FI) mould invadetain been potent to convoke a ~10% dispense distribute. Howincessantly extensiond emulation in the section imputpotent to Yamaha FZ-16 ; Suzuki GS150R could transform into detriment of dispense distribute for TVS.Product bud: In this management, Community identifies new dispenses and retails their bulky emanations. Aggravate the ultimate indecent years, the decisive surpsoften for the community has succeeding from most unslight section of mopeds. This section had a CAGR of 13% aggravate FY05-09 delay potent call-for from verdant areas of South India. At introduce, TVSL is the barely player in the moped section. In the selfselfidentical causeframe, motorcycles sales for the community had a disclaiming CAGR of 8%. Mopeds which were contributing 22% of TVSL’s volumes in FY05, now contributes 32% of volumes. This reflects the extremityalization of the community n the domiciliary motorcycle dispense. In this manner, community’s emolumentability has been alienly contacted due to enlargeing self-reliance on low extremity note roll section motorcycles. Diversification’s management for community enlargement through bigwigting up or acquiring vocationes delayout the community’s exoteric emanations and dispenses TVS afloat its 3-wheelers voyager consigner in endFY09. At introduce, this emanation is afloat in South India and community intends to invadetain a empire broad closeness during 2010. TVS King is exotericly availpotent delay a 2-clap engine in petrol and LPG variants, delay 4-clap account pur-posened for propel by 2010.The 3wheelers perseverance in India is in a slowdown phase and is hanging on resuscitation call-for as thither are restrictions on result of new permits for 3-wheelers in elder towns and cities. The dispense is exotericly dominated by BJAUT which is developing a 4-wheeledalternative for the 3wheelers. TOWS ANALYSIS:Strength Weakness • Gigantic sale netattempt (3500 Dealers). • Amend sale use. • It has the haughtyest distribute in automobile sector. • It has a good-natured-natured infamy metaphor. • It imparts amend use for customers. • Best customer favor. • Debt equity aspect is barely 0. 1. Suppose to be very hard. • Not fit for verdant India. • They invadetain big gap betwixt sound capacities of its emanations. • Its dispense distribute is reducing from ultimate few years. • Spare deal-outs are too consumely. • If they are potent to improvise the fuel pliancy of Scooty pep+, it earn be a prosperous occasion to captivate aggravate the dispense. • Grimputpotent earth call-for for noteroll motorcycles in-particular in emerging dispenses • Ocean threats to TVS are their opponents relish:• Bajaj Auto Ltd. • Hero Honda. • Yamaha Motors India. • The consume of the emanation is very haughty in similitude to other companies.SUGGESTION:- Services present by showroom:TVSshould arrange peculiarity uses to their customers to continue crave ultimateing customers kindred. ? Sales ? Repairs ? Servicing ? Livelihood of walks The individual should inferiorneathtakes all kinds of sales, repairs, servicing and oceantenance of all TVS motorcycles. It should presents 4-5 unhindered uses for new walks, methodic uses succeeding unhindered uses and unconcealed checkups. Competitors:- As the vocation enlarges the emulation as-well-behaved extensions. So the robust to be auspicious must show emininvade customer compute and atonement than its opponents.So the robust should heave out consecutive innovative dispenseing management to restrain the dispense. The ocean opponents of TVS are: ? (Hero Honda). ? (Yamaha-Escorts). ? ( Bajaj) Sales advancement:Sales advancement hireling are used by most robust includingmanufacturers, distrubuters, venders and commerce society. They should targeted towards conclusive buyers. It is a inextensive expression incentives to suffer dissipation or sale of a emanation, whither advertising presents argue to buy a emanation , sales advancement presents argue to buy now . Advancement plays an expressive role in the aggreentrance execution mix.Tvs Motors should inferiorneathtakes several advancemental activities. Such as: ? Change presents by arranging change melas ? Monsoon Mela ? Mega use bivouac ? Finance facilities ? Test press ? Unhindered use bivouacs ? Keeping customer facts low ? Calling for unhindered use to the customers ? Follow-up customers sickness ? Diwali Dhamaka presents So these all activities community should use to advance their emanation and impart the best use to oceantain their enlargement in the dispense.BIBLIOGRAPHY:- ? http://marketingpractice. blogspot. com/2007/03/tvs-50-rip-1980. html ? http://www. oogle. co. in/#hl=en;source=hp;q=swot+analysis+of+tvs+product;aq=f;a qi=g10;aql=;oq=;gs_rfai=;fp=1c2d003805b123bc ? http://www. google. co. in/#hl=en;source=hp;q=swot+analysis+of+tvs+product;aq=f;a qi=g10;aql=;oq=;gs_rfai=;fp=1c2d003805b123bc ? http://www. indiainfoline. com/Markets/Company/Fundamentals/Management- Discussions/TVS-Motor-Company-Ltd/532343 ? http://www. google. co. in/#hl=en;source=hp;q=cash+cow+product+for+tvs+motors;aq =f;aqi=;aql=;oq=;gs_rfai=;fp=1c2d003805b123bc ? http://www. oppapers. com/subjects/swot-analysis-of-tvs-motors-page1. html