Marketing Dicussion

CHAPTER 17 DESIGNING AND MANAGING INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Marketing Discussion. Pick a disgrace and go to Web seat. Locate as manifold forms of messages as you can meet. Conduct an ambagious message audit. What do you mention? How agreeing are the opposed messages? Intodruction In 21. Century Technology’s has alterable the way we feed, the way we lay-hold-on the instruction. In nowadays the keep-aparticipation has grace inopposed and it is flinty to induce the observation. That’s way the corporation’s use the marketing messages to impart, convince and remind consumers about the effect and disgrace they retail. It’s very essential to institute a conversation and built kinsmenhips delay consumers. The disciples in marketing messages include: Media advertising, sales furtherance, events and experiences, open kinsmen, frequented marketing, convince retailing. [pic] Nikita is an Icelandic investment disgrace, founded by its didesire builder Heida Birgisdottir in a small street channel treasure in Reykjavik 10 years ago. Now they enjoy treasures earth extensive. NIKITA marketing message mix: 1. NIKITA CHIKITA CAMP – you can accept a keep-akeep-adivorce in the girls snowboarding bivouac in the snow pastime canter in Cardona. . WANNA WIN A TRIP TO ICELAND – you must alleviate of Picture of yourself channeling NINITA outchannel to facebook glacis and win a stumble to Iceland. 3. NIKITA GIRLS – Good Snowboard riders from opposed countries: Maude Richon, Christel Thoresen, Anna Hellman, Natasza Zurek are sponsored by NIKITA investment 4. WWW. NIKITACLOTHING. COM - prproffer turn to buy vestments in ONLINE SHOP. 5. NIKITA accept a keep-akeep-adivorce in European Snowboarding Championships and built its disgrace copy judgment sponsoring events and riders. 6. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube recital. NIKITA has patent clear able messages and has identified her target audience- girls who ride delay skate and snow. The corporation enjoy a sublime customer reference accordingly they distinguish customer morality. NIKITA accurately distinguish what to say, how to say it and who should say it. The marketing messages which use NIKITA: particular retailing, frequented marketing, events and experiences. NIKITA gives exculpation to speciality. It's brought particularity, insubservience, desire, a say, logic and agency. Corporation is lucky and use upupright marketing messages.