NCLEX REVIEW for nursing students

You are a nursing professor and you are abandoned an assignment to enlighten a RN/LPN NCLEX revisal direction. Please enunciate a exhaustive revisal direction might apex donation delay point debater notes that obtain be used to enlighten the revisal in its completely.  You shortness tyro to ignoring the nclex exam on the primeval try. delight supply arrange and at to it as you believe fit if I left out some object (delight instil pictures and diagram to augment exhortation)  Please be very spiritual and colorful (Presentation to be shown to a big parley.  Please be very point but highlighting the most great point. The might apexs must conceive elements as follow: 1.  nclex inquiry types 2.  steps of inquiry analysis 3.  critical thinking and rewording 4.  how to anatomize nclex inquiry 5.  what are considered hig roll inquirys 6.  deciding what is great 7.  looking for patterns and relationships 8.  identifying the problem 9.  transferring information from one aspect to another 10.  applying information 11.  discriminating among potential choices and/or direction of action 12.  evaluating according to criteria established 13.  eliminating defective confutation choices 14.  strategies for hesitate formate inquiry:  selected all that exercise 15.  solving hesitate formate inquirys:  selected all that exercise.   16.  prioritization 17.  delegation 18.  safety and taint control 19. maslow's hierarchy of needs 20.  how to mode psychosocial proviso inquiry 21.  how to confutation psych inquirys 22.  how to substantiate psych diagnosis and nursing wariness of the psychiatric unrepining how to confutation soundness preferment and means-of-support inquiry   23.  tips on how to ignoring nclex exam 24.  hot defacement inquirys and how to rereexplain them 25.  fill in unmitigated inquiry and how to rereexplain them and selecteded all that exercise drag and ooze inquiry and how to rereexplain them 26.  tips on how to dissect a inquiry 27.  NURSING LAB VALUES TO KNOW 28.  NURSING DRUGS TO KNOW AND LEVELS INFORMATION ON THE FOLLOWING(delay nursing most great insinuation and objects to wait for/ complexity problems up each regularity) Care of the pediatric unrepining  Care of OB (maternity) unrepining Care of a pre-op unrepining Care of a unrepining column op Care of a respiratory unrepining Care of a cardiac unrepining Care of a gastro/intestinal unrepining  Care of caner unrepining Care of urinary regularity unrepining endoceine regularity liver pancreas nutritional problem chronic neurological problems stroke intracranial problems muscle skeletal problems emergency, terrorism and misfortune nursing fluid and electrolytes the incongruous in IV solution Administering Blood Conscious sedation Reproductive regularity nutrition for a newborn drug calculation Immunization when due and behalf effect Kidney disorders and wariness of a renal unrepining delay labs Diabetes management spinal method injury musculoskeletal problem alzheimer's disease ABG interpetation drug calculation oxygen addition and donation regularity integumentary regularity burns hematologic regularity hypertension heart failure CAD Dysrhythmias vascular disorders NURSING ASSESSMENT hiv taint and transmission TB diagnostic proof and imagingProblem of the interior / colon  colostomy wariness ulcers dementia orthopedic surgery Cast wariness headache types of insulin as cities chronic sickness and older adult suicide prevention taking a soundness truth and doing a corporeal examination ABC  chest tube blood type carcinogenic shock Asthma, dx proviso wariness of, (pediatric and adult) delay treatment (this is a 16 hour exhortation YOU CAN REARRANGE THE ORDER OF CONTENT)