Request for Reconsideration

  SUBJECT: Desire for Reconsideration Goal: Prepare a written desire for revisal pursuant to MSAPA minority 416(a) requesting the production to reconsider the developed apaim adopted in this predicament. Your goal in this desire is to inoculate the production that it has erred in its predominant and should reconsider the appearance. Grading: This assignment is estimate 15 aims which is 15% of your developed walk. You allure receive individualized feedback in the conceive of written comments and a rubric. The breakdown of the grading allure be as follows: Substantive Content: 75% Organization & Format: 25% Your job: Assume the administrative hearing conductor has adopted a contemplated apaim including findings of certainty and conclusions of law opposite to your collocation in this predicament. You are now desireing the hearing conductor reconsider her collocation concerning her predominant. Pursuant to Minority 416(a)1 you are to constitute a written desire for revisal. In your desire for revisal you should aim out why the seek erred in its predominant and why it would be discreet to reconsider the appearance. For this application, your turmoil for revisal can constitute any colorable reasoning(s) of your choosing. Your apaim was robbed so you can constitute any contingently apaim that was entered instead of your contemplated appoint. Your desire for revisal should recite the reasons why the verification seek erred in not predominant for you client. You are not scant to any feature mass of law in creating your constitutional reasoning for revisal. Length: Your desire for revisal should be at last two pages in prolixity but not further than 4 pages in sum prolixity. Format: The desire should be in Times New Roman 12 aim font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins behind a while page bulk at the groundwork disposition of each page. SECTION 416. RECONSIDERATION. (a) A laterality, not later than [15] days behind mark to the parties that a developed apaim has been issued, may polish a appeal for revisal that recites the unfair grounds on which mitigation is desireed. The fix of filing and other procedures, if any, must be certain by production administration and 86 must be recited in the developed appoint.