Akij Group

Akij Biri Factory Ltd. Akij Biri Factory Scant Akij Biri elementy is one of the necessary biri manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. It was regular by deceased Sheikh Akij Uddin. Following the Akij sumion state Akij Biri played a very embodied role. Sheikh Akij Uddin (proprietor of Akij Group) afloat the handmade biri interest gone 1948. Now Akij Biri has view biri making elementies in all balance the dominion. The result is arranged below cogent arrangement scheme succeeding a limit a unexcited worth. For that argue, the assemblage has big estimate of mannerly obedient customers succeeding a limit cogent disgrace effigy. This sector gave a existent boost to the proceeds of the amalgamate as well-behaved-behaved as making a tangible subscription to dominion’s arrangement. History of the assemblage Succeeding 1947 Succeeding 1947 the stocker, Akij uddin got married and afloat a interest of feeble grocery garner. In that garner one of the daily results was the “Leaf Biri”. This result modifitalented his vitality dramatically. The leaf biri was made by “Tendu Leaf” which was qualitative from India. During that space it had a bulky claim in the dominionside. In 1950 Then he care that if he made this biri by himself then it would be over remunerative for him. Then in 1950 Akij and one of his friend’s senior Nitai bidhuvushon afloat to consequence handmade biri. In a few days it became so beloved. Succeeding a limit tless was an property happened in his garner. But succeeding the property he frequently afloat to consequence the biri. Discurrent in a few days the claim of biri reached from his village to Doulatpur industrial area. In 1955 In 1955 he went to Navaran and afloat to speed there. Beside his lineage he and his cousin regular a elementy. That space this biri became a disgrace indicate, which is Akij Biri. During the space the two important competitors were Ohab biri and Jalil biri. Akij Uddin sold his biri in low worth than his competitors to acception the claim in the dispense. The daily claim stands to 25/30 thousands. The bruit exceeding out to Jessore, Khulna, Khushtia, Faridpur and in other districts as-well. In the resourcespace he became complicated succeeding a limit jute interest. Succeeding 1972 Aftar the discharge war of Bangladesh frequently he afloat his biri interest and succeeding a limit his mighty pains he was talented to imagine the similar claim of Akij biri. In 1977 the daily claim of akij biri stands to on an mean 14 lakhs. In 1979 this claim became 1 crore in a day. From that space to plow the akij biri is serving the zenith claim of the dominion. Company Profile Indicate of the Group| Akij Group| Assemblage Name| Akij tobacco Company| Tobacco Experience| Gone 1950| Yearly Turnover| US$ 700 Million| Chairman| Sheikh Mohiuddin| Managing Director| SK. Aziz Uddin| Directors| SK. Momin Uddin And SK. Amin Uddin| Nature of Business| Tobacco and Allied Products| Human Resources| Officers and Workers Total 25,000 plus Person| Products/Allied| Processed/Packed Tobacco, Cigerettes, Cut Rags, Abundant Cut Stem. | Brands| Akij Biri, Akij King (Hand Made Cigarettes)| Monthly Production| Akij Biri- 2000 Darling holds| Fixed Asset| US$ 85 Million| Export Market| Singapore, Middle East, Malaysia etc. | Indicate of the Banker| Trutination Chartered, HSBC & Shonali Bank Bangladesh Ltd. | Municipal Office| Akij Chamber, 73 Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka- 1000, Bangladesh| Telephone| +8802-9560177| Email| [email protected] org,| Web| www. akijtobacco. com| Temporization of the assemblage Akij Biri Company’s deep temporization is to protect low the worth and effect it availtalented for all inferior pay herd. The raw embodied of this result is very augustly availtalented in Bangladesh that’s why it is quiet and require telling to consequence and protect the result worth low than other assemblage in the dispense. Organogram of the assemblage Chairman Managing Directors Directors Directors Audit Department Marketing Department Account Department Transport Department Finance Department Purchase Department Products & Tobaccos Tobaccos| Growing Areas| Akij Biri| Akij King| Flue Cured Virginia| Kushtia/ Jessore Belt, Chittagong Hill Areas| | | Burley Tobacco| Rangpur/ Dinajpur Belt, Manikgonj Leaf area| | | DV (Dark Varginia)Jati (morose Varginia)Motihara (Rustica)Talim ( Rustica)| Rangpur/ Dinajpur Belt| | | Competitors : Biri is a big activity in Bangladesh. Tless are manifold disgraces who are manufacturing biris enjoy * Aziz Biri, Abul Biri, * Bengal Biri, * Momtaz Biri, * Raja Biri etc. At yield, Akij biri is the bigst biri assemblage in Bangladesh and cogent competitors to others. As Akij biri is the dispense head and they possess the 45% portion-out of the dispense on the cause of dispense contemplate, proceeds table, and inner fame etc. So it resources that the other biri disgraces are not in that standing to contend succeeding a limit them. They are chiefly owing cigarette disgraces as their substitutes. Their dominant regions are Tangail, Mymensingh, Kushtia including other districts of the southern divorce of Bangladesh. Skill of Akij biri The undiminished talents of Akij Biri is relying on get fetter skill. Akij biri foremost sum raw embodieds from their opposed suppliers. The deep dispense is Rangpur. Succeeding suming the tobacco they usually defend it for 6 months to 1 year for meliorate judgment and nature. Akij biri frequently try to consequence meliorate nature result and as-well serefresh the trutination of the result. The external following the skill efforts are: * serefresh the result accessibility * abide the nature of the result * deeptain low worth for the customers. The skill deep centre is to redeep the dispense head for the hanker run. That is why it effects its results so augustly availtalented and low worthd. The assemblage has as-well indiscriminately dispenseing set up, choice and esoteric results that effects the assemblage over cogent and dispense head. It has as-well own tobacco opportunitys and availtalented raw embodieds that effect the assemblage talented to dispose-of the result at relatively unexcited worth. Evolution The resultion course of Akij biri is purely performance proveed. Almost total course is manufactured by performance. They use three opposed machines for cessation, piercing, crashing, and mixing. The basic steps in manufacturing of Akij biri are unconcealedly as follows- * Sun refresh * Washing Crashing * Mixing of opposed ingredients * Making tract tube * Packaging Arrangement Akij biri has its own cogent arrangement means. The result is availtalented throughout the dominion succeeding a limit the aid of an arrangementatic arrangement means. The artistic result is pronounceed to the sales centers of Akij Biri. Akij Biri has in total of 12 sales centers in Bangladesh. These are Dhaka, Mymensingh, Brahmanbaria, Sylhet, Comilla, Chittagong, Faridpur, Rajshahi, Bogra, Khulna and Jessore. The assemblage has separated the undiminished area of the dominion into 200 territories and each of them having a uncompounded arrangement object. Then it is arranged to 700,000 hawk outlets throughout Bangladesh from these objects. To pronounce the consequence to the outlets the assemblage intended 7,000 opposed passages so that each passage is intended to pronounce at 100 hawk outlets. Sales and Marketing As Akij Biri is simply for a regular sumion of customers, equitpowerful dispenseing efforts are insufficiencyed to seize use. The target customer of Akij biri is low socioeconomic sumion of herd from twain civic and arcadian areas. The worth of the biri is low for the target customers and for pounce the big claim of the customers. In our dominion it is banned to advise any husk of tobacco result. Tless are some stringent rules and law to appearance the advisement in TV means, printing resources etc. But the availability, disgrace effigy and low worth is agoing as dispenseing of the results. So the dispenseing temporization chiefly exists on the arrangement and sales temporization. The argue following permanent biri interest of Akij sumion Akij biri is one of the big assemblage and manifold herd are agoing in this assemblage and in our dominion it has a august claim succeeding a limitin inferior pay herd. At precedent limit it was a feeble interest. But now it is abundant a lot and purposes the zenith claim of the customers in this member. It is their turning interest to prove themselves as a sumion of a big assemblage. The use that follows from Akij biri is 10%. The Akij sumion chiefly get the disgrace rate for this interest, then it abundant its interest in opposed sectors but this Akij biri interest changes the way of doing interest in the space of deceased Sheikh Akij Uddin. The low pay herd augustly exist in this biri. It was the foremost chiefship of doing interest in Bangladesh by Akij uddin. And now manifold herd are agoing tless and their rise members as-well exist on this assemblage. And they doing interest as dispense head succeeding 1950, so now it ministers a big quantity of customers in the dispense as a monster assemblage. So they are permanent the interest splow now owing it earns a bulky use and it has bulky claim in dispense and the deep argue is Akij sumion execute its bulky disgrace indicate owing of Akij biri.. Dhaka Tobacco Industries A Dhaka Tobacco activity is comprised in the Akij Collection in deceased seventies when legislation has unwavering to handbalance the elementy to privy sector from the nationalized sector. Now the assemblage is agoing on view opposed result disgraces. It as-well effects immunity indulge succeeding a limit the Philips Morris International Assemblage and begin Marlboro cigarettes in Bangladesh. History of the assemblage The fobelow of Akij uddin came to Dhaka succeeding a limit his rise succeeding the discharge war. In 1978-1979 he bought the Dhaka tobacco Activity (DTI) from the legislation sector in an auction. In this space his coworker Din Islam aided a lot. For the duty he bought a situate in industrial area, Dilkusha. Succeeding that he frequently bought Asian tobacco Limited. When the claim was increasing a lot, he rented Khulna Tobacco Activity and afloat other 10 competency in the unanalogous divorce of the dominion. The Dhaka Tobacco elementy is located at Morkun close Tongi and lot of cannonade into men and machineries has crabbed the elementy into a introduce cigarettes resultion part. It employs encircling 1200 herd who performance in a ungrate-ful weather to pronounce equitpowerful nature to please the darling of smokers’ judgment and insufficiencys. At yield assemblage has invested 15 darling taka in this activity. Dhaka Tobacco Activity controls the 15% of the portion-out of Bangladesh’s cigarettes succeeding a limit its resultion of nature cigarettes. Now succeeding purposeing the dominion’s claim Navy and Sheikh are indigenous to Middle East and Malaysia. In 2008, it begins Marlboro cigarettes succeeding a limit the aid of cosmos-vulgar illustrious Philip Morris International franchising indulge. Its resultion talents is 150 darling daily. Total day on an mean it consequences 120 darling. Now approximately one billion cigarettes are consequenced per month by the assemblage’s elementy in Tongi, Gazipur. One hundred darling of the Navy disgrace are indigenous nature and are sold in Dubai. Assemblage Temporization The assemblage consequences its consequence by owing the nature of the cigarettes to contend succeeding a limit the competitors. It as-well considers the worth element. Akij roup has bulky raw embodieds suppliers on this opportunity, so it becoms quiet for the assemblage to consequence nature result succeeding a limit low worth and pounce the bulky customers than the competitors. So the assemblage strategies grant succeeding a limit the municipal temporization. The assemblage frequently tries to contend succeeding a limit the multinational assemblage as-well by pliant nature results and as-well deeptaining the worth. The assemblage stringently follows the ZERO DEFECTS temporization in pliant the results. Products of Dhaka Tobacco Industries Result Range| Competitors| Exalted Segment| * Castle Full Flavor * Castle Lights| 1. Benson & hedges 2. Gold leaf 3. Gudam gharam 4. Pine 5. Black 6. Pall-mall 7. Hollygrove 8. Ni 9. Lincoln 10. Dunhill 11. Sunmoon 12. Celebrity etc. | Medium member| * Navy| | Inferior Medium Segment| * Sheikh * Real| | Low Segment| * Five celebrity * K-2 * Surma & Diamond * Red & stainless| | * Presently DTI enjoys over than 10%dispense portion-out in the exalted member * Presently DTI enjoys over than 48%dispense portion-out in the medium member * Presently DTI enjoys over than 80%dispense in the inferior medium member * Presently DTI enjoys over than 50%dispense in the low member The competitors of Dhaka Tobacco Activity are the deep bearing. Tless are cogent competitors in the dispense and who minister a big estimate of herd. British American Tobacco is one of the cogent competitors of it. BATB is providing reality of results in the dispense. Dhaka Tobacco as-well has unanalogous cigarettes for opposed members. By unanalogous members nature results it is serving bulky customers and effect its disgrace indicate. It is as-well serefresh the Zero Defects result temporization to follow in the dispense and to contend succeeding a limit the competition. By franchising Marlboro it as-well imagine a opposed zone for customer to encounter their insufficiency for competing succeeding a limit the multinational companies. By this way it contend in the dispense ahanker succeeding a limit opposed competition and as-well talented to get use. The interest part as-well has its own raw embodieds. That effects the assemblage over beneficiary in pliant the results and can talented to minister opposed member succeeding a limit opposed files results. The behavior require as-well low for having own resultion farms. Skill of the assemblage is as-well very sensible encircling their result enlargement. The result is deeptained the required nature and worth file to contend succeeding a limit the competitors. These as-well yield the assemblage a extra favor. That effects the assemblage cogent frequentlyst its competitors. Akij Zarda Factory Scant The elementy was regular in 2000. It consequences unanalogous flavored chewing tobacco. It basically purpose the claim of unanalogous types of customer who use Jarda in betel leaf, cigarettes etc. The Talim and Rustica Tobacco (motihar) is chiefly used in pliant the Zarda. Akij Assemblage has its own cultivation area wless it consequences Tobacco. That effects the Zarda Assemblage over beneficiaries following state of it. Products Akij zarda Factory Ltd. is pliant immodest husks of Zarda to purpose the opposed customers in diversified judgment. Result Range| Competitors| Special Patti| * 50 gm * 25 gm * 12. 5 gm| * Hakim puri * Mokim puri * Shova * Baba * Roton| Golden Patti(surovi)| * 50 gm * 25 gm * 12. 5 gm| | Akij Zarda (Beli)| * 50 gm * 25 gm * 12. 5 gm| | Vhiza Patti| * 25 gm * 10 gm| | The Zarda Factory Scant is a feeble sister moment of Akij Group. It has an availtalented raw embodied that aids a lot in pliant Zarda. The courseing scheme of leaf as-well good-tempered-tempered and the results encounter a broad file of customer claim. Akij Assemblage has its own cogent disgrace indicate, which as-well effects the results grace over beloved in the dispense. The assemblage’s cogent competition is Hakimpuri zard, but Akij Zarda grace talented to contend succeeding a limit it by its nature result and worth file. The deep fortification philosophy is by deeptaining the nature of the result as-well effect the result availtalented for the unconcealed herd. The Zarda Company’s philosophy is as-well granting succeeding a limit the municipal philosophy. So the elementy is not so augustly big sister moment of the Akij Collection but it effects a opposed situate in the dispense by providing unanalogous types of Zarda. The Tobacco activity of this assemblage as-well yields it the extra favor in pliant Zarda. Akij Equal Factory Ltd. Akij Equal Factory Scant Akij Equal Factory Ltd. Is one of the most fortunate companies in Bangladesh which ministers a bulky estimate of customers in this dispense. It is situated at a pure standing close Muktapur Ghat on the bank of the large stream Sitalakshaya. It is purely unimpassioned equal elementy which consequences 100% carbonized exalted nature insurance equales. Most of the raw embodieds follow from unanalogous divorces of Bangladesh by large stream. The large stream Sitalakshaya facilitates a lot in behavior that flows close the large stream. History of the Assemblage It was regular in 1992 but afloat its action from 1997. The deep external of this assemblage is to consequence august nature result by using the deceasedst introduce technology. It has two disgraces which are very augustly beloved in the dispense. Dolphin is the foremost result of the assemblage. Immediately succeeding the entrance of the disgrace it became very beloved discurrent the customer owing of exalted nature and intensive arrangement means in the dominion. Succeeding that it consequences the Firebox equal, which is as-well grace very beloved in the dispense. Now this elementy has talents to consequence 30 thousands and on an mean 27 thousands constituent they consequenced daily. In the dispense the assemblage gets approximately 4 lakhs 50 thousands constituent equales and 3 lakhs 50 thousands Firebox in a month. Products * Dolphin * Firebox Nature of the result is very stringently inferior. Non trutination results (grove layers or holds) are discarded at total measure. But these things are not washed out. The holds, grove layers and any other fragment grove obtain be used in AKIJ Atom and Hardttalented Mills. The faults in the discarded equales are dealt succeeding a limit and these are packed manually. Rotary packers packed the concretion of equal and these go straightforwardly to the dispense. Develop up of interest In that space, when Akij Assemblage begind Dolphin equales then in the dispense tless was some illustrious disgrace enjoy projapati. So as an infant assemblage it faced some moderate bearing enjoy to pounce the customer of that dispense and effect it availtalented to the distant area of the dominion etc. The assemblage is purposeing its own external by pliant introduce nature equales. Dramatically Dolphin disgrace graces so beloved to the customer for its availability and nature. Now person fox is doing the similar job. It is now pounce the zenith dispense portion-out and customer. It is now a necessary disgrace in the dispense for its nature and belovedity. The equales get august services to the customer and availability of the result effect it so cogent in the dispense. So less as-well assemblage complies the temporization succeeding a limit the prorate temporization. Akij fortifications scant It is a sister moment of Akij Group. Akij Fortification Scant is the one of the most structured arrangement assemblage in the Bangladesh. Akij Collection is dominion’s one of the necessary interest amalgamates. In 1992 Initially Akij Fortification Scant was public as Amin Enterprise and afloat its action in 1992. In 1997 In June 1997 Amin Enterprise was renamed as Aminuddin Enterprise Scant In 2001 In 2001 Aminuddin Enterprise Scant was frequently renamed as Akij Fortification Limited. Akij Fortification Scant is accounttalented for the dispenseing and arrangement of three industries of Akij Collection that is Dhaka Tobacco Industries, Akij Equal Factory Scant and Akij Zarda (chewing tobacco) Factory. * Akij equales’ unused grove hold are used in paticle boar * Akij automotive by akij motor ltd * Akij tobacco to akij leaf courseing part * Akij authority stock is used in akij divorceicle ttalented activity