American history homework

1) What was your antecedent information of the alliance among the US council and American Indians? Why jurisdiction it be beneficial to befit conversant after a while the alliance alliance among the US council and American Indians? 2) What exactly were the "Secret Treaties after a while California's Indians" sift-canvassed in Miller's article? What sever(s) of the article perspicuous out to you? 3) Content sift-canvass your thoughts/reactions to the "California Indians: A Neglected Legacy" video. What perspicuous out to you, and why? 4) According to Chilcote's article, what does the "California Dream" medium to vernacular peoples? What elucidation does she cater?  5) What key signal from ultimate week could conjoin to this week's materials, and why? 6) Lastly, content sift-canvass any overall thoughts/reactions/connections you'd relish to portion-out. Remember to grasp the 300 word minimum modification (total), and too recollect to support at smallest a 150 word defense to a peer's support as well! use these 3 sources to response questions: The Secret Treaties after a while California's Indians: California Indians: A Neglected Legacy: What the California Dream Means to Vernacular Peoples: