Assignment: Application of Role Theory to a Case Study

  Assignment: Application of Role Plea to a Contingency Study This week, you get use role plea to adduce to your separated contingency examine. In other tone, your presumptive orientation—or lens—is role plea as you excite the contingency examine. Use the corresponding contingency examine that you chose in Week 2. (Remember, you get be using this corresponding contingency examine throughout the perfect direction). Use the “Dissecting a Plea and Its Application to a Contingency Study” worksheet to aid you scrutinize the plea. You do not insufficiency to comply this handout. It is a instrument for you to use to scrutinize the plea, and then you can accustom the counsel in the table to entire your assignment. To prepare: Review and standpoint on the corresponding contingency examine that you used in Week 2. Review the websites and guides for developing PowerPoint skills set-up in the Learning Resources. Use Personal Capture to proceedings the PPT slides on your shade and your audio as you introduce the counsel. You get then use Kaltura Media to upload this proceedingsing to the assignment cohere. Submit a narrated PowerPoint introduceation using Kaltura Media that includes 11 to 12 slides. Each slide should be written using bullet points, aim no desire paragraphs of written passage should be in the slides. The proceedingsed audio takes the attribute of any written paragraphs, conjuncture the bullet points get conpassage and cues for the conference to ensue concurrently). Your introduceation should address the ensueing: Identify the introduceing height for the contingency examine you separated. (Remember the introduceing height has to be framed from the perspective of role plea. For pattern, the introduceing height can be framed among the conpassage of role functioning). Identify all the bearing roles conjectured by the client. Analyze the gregarious expectations and gregarious and cultural norms revolving encircling the role, gregarious situation, and role scripts of one of the roles conjectured by the client. Explain the role and gregarious situation of the gregarious worker in working delay the client in the contingency examine. Describe how the role(s) and gregarious situation(s) conjectured by the gregarious worker get swing the conformity between the gregarious worker and the client. Identify three impost questions that are guided by role plea that you get ask the client to rectify recognize the height. Identify and relate two agencys that are aligned delay the introduceing height and role plea. Identify one upshot that you would mete if you were to evaluate one of the agencys you would utensil to mention if the agency is able. Evaluate one habit and one withholding in using role plea in recognizeing the contingency. Be secure to: Identify and suitably regard the contingency examine you enjoy separated. Use lore to prop your claims. Use APA formatting and title. Include the regard schedule on the developed slide. CASE STUDY JAKE LEVY