CONTEXTUAL THINKING ABOUT DIFFERENT SCENARIOS This drill involves you using ingenuity and close forced to hold the allureset of a visualiser confrontment the toil of formulating a petty for opposed scenarios. Apprehend you are loving the canvass of creating a visualization/infographic in each of the aftercited made-up scenarios of to the theme of Oil Spills.  Scenario A: A broadsheet newspaper reporting on the regions and communities abnormal by oil spills Scenario B: Analysts at the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF) providing profession tidings reporting to oceantenance operational colleagues Scenario C: Presentation to shareholders of BP (British Petroleum) demonstrating the contraction in spill-related losses Website relation: The International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF) statistics page Compile a muniment outlining your assumptions, definitions and ideas environing the texture and desire for each of the scenarios presented aloft. Get into the allureset of the implicit creators and audiences. If you were them what do you deem you command be faced delay in provisions of requirements, constraints, insufficiencys and possibilities?  (Context) CURIOSITY: Outline what you deem command be the life of the trigger oddity after each scenario? (Context) CIRCUMSTANCES: Operation through the register shared in the bulk of the ocean elaborate headings and register or relate your fictitious and delicate determination environing the certain, conducive, or self-defined factors you deem command be apt or recent in each scenario. Consider the reasons after your determinations (Context) PURPOSE: How command you relate or loud what you apprehend the resolve of the operation associated delay each scenario would be: how command prosperity, application or efficiency be explicit and measured? What is the proper husk of test and sound of vote that would exhibit the best fit fictitious course (could be a queer location or a voyage opposite the book of the map). (Vision) IDEAS: Sketch out your spontaneous ideas environing what you deem the visual operation for each scenario look’s approve in your allure’s eye: what colours, forms, keywords, layouts, thoughts end to allure when you deem environing the theme at laborer? What other operation can you habit through examination or spent test that may exhibit frenzy, bias or relation for your deeming? There is no insufficiency to do any axioms parentage or resolution, true use your ingenuity for what axioms could exist and could be available. There is no ripe tally, no proper and no wrong: it is environing using a station of serviceable ingenuity and empathy (your ability to hold the allureset of others). You allure insufficiency to perform divers assumptions and assume the leadership to settle things yourself.