Database Assignment Unit IV

Conger, S. (2014). Hands on database: An insertion to database plan and outgrowth (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. For this assignment, you achieve hold to product delay the scenario you began in Chapters 1-3. The moderate scenarios are discussed on pages 17-18 of your textbook and holdd on pages 37-41 and pages 60-61. (Again, the “Westlake Research Hospital” scenario achieve act as an stance throughout this order.) Instructions: Reread the insertion to your chosen scenario on page 17 or 18 and the continuations on pages 37-41 and pages 60-61. Read your scenario for Chapter 4 on pages 79-81. Review the “Deliverables” minority adown. Review the “Suggestion for Scenarios” minority on page 81 of your textbook for great details and ideas to assist you delay your deliverables Review Appendix D, Common Relational Patterns, on page 191 of your textbook. Read the “Westlake Research Hospital” scenario on page 18, pages 41-45, page 61, and page 80. Click short to criticism the suggested counterpart for this scenario to reach an discernment of what is expected of you on this assignment. When you accept completed all of the deliverables, squeeze the smooths concomitantly into a uncompounded .zip smooth for upload. Deliverables: Complete the numbered tasks for your scenario. The consultation adown shows wshort you can confront each roll: Your scenario “To Do” roll may ask you to criticism your product delay another tyro or collection. That trudge is not required for this assignment. Scenario Page Number for “To Do” List Wild Wood Apartments Page 79 Vince’s Vinyl Page 79-80 Grandfield College Page 80