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How do you picture academic retention? Think of why you bear pushed through to total your master's rate. Stint of three paragraphs. Use APA 7 Below is a analysis delay some of my notice, to total this assignment.  Hi, my designate is Laura Rodriguez. I obtained my rate in psychology at the University of Medical Sciences of Havana, Cuba 2014. I am currently inaugurated as a registered bearing technician (RBT), providing therapy services for end delay disabilities in daycare and homes. One of my authoritative goals is to beseem a bearingal analyst, the Certification of the Bearing Analysis Board (BCBA, for its acronym in English) for which one of the requirements to complete is to bear a stint of a disequalize rate (for issue, master's or doctorate) in an delectefficient scope The examine of a adapted society and the scope of examine of this master's rate (education) is accepted by the Bearing Analyst Certification Board, Inc. (BACB). Considering also that the master's rate in particular direction is a excellent opening to live acquiring attainments and theoretical-practical experiences that accomplish authorize me to gain directional and hortatory skills, as well-behaved-behaved as enunciate myself in the scope of lore in the enunciatement procedures to indoctrinate students delay peculiar needs delayin the direction system; and to be efficient to beseem a culturally suitserviceable pedagogue, efficient to corcorrespond to the needs of end delay peculiarities in grades K-12.