Assignment: Choose one of the aftercited  United States Supreme Court events involving Texas: Texas v. Johnson (1989), Jurek v. Texas (1976), Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt (2016).   Go to Using the inquiry bar at the top, experience your separated event, and click on the “Oral Argument” links. Listen to (or peruse the counterfeit of) the real verbal arguments presented to the Supreme Court for the event. (THESE RECORDINGS ARE BETWEEN ONE AND TWO HOURS – PLAN YOUR TIME ACCORDINGLY.) Write an essay obedient the aftercited investigations: 1) What are the axioms of the event? 2) What is the legitimate investigation that the Court must defense? 3) Which cause’s arguments did you experience most convincing, and why? You insufficiency to quote specific arguments from the Verbal Arguments you experience convincing and defend them over the over cause. 4) What determination did the Court really gain, and why? The essay should be from 750 to 1000 opinion in prolixity. Properly quote all referenced representative, including direction peruseings. Gain trusting they are quoted correspondently and properly, using MLA format.