i need a discussion done for wk 8 and 1 response question answered for my Business Comm Class

  Jaw-Dropping Moment Have you forforcontinually cultivated a convocation or discourse where you dozed off owing you were pierced? Why did you get pierced (Was the debater monotone? Did the discourse run on too hanker? Was the pleased dry? Another conclude?) Have you forforcontinually accustomed a “Jaw Dropping Moment” (see Ch. 5, Talk Like Ted)? Why was it a “Jaw Dropping Moment?” In Week 9, you achieve own a handy to accomplished. Share delay us the subject that you own unwavering on. What are 1-2 things you can do to hand a "Jaw-Dropping Moment" in your handy? Post your judicious retort by Wednesday, midnight of your occasion zone, and answer to at last 2 of your classmates' judicious columns by Sunday, midnight of your occasion zone.​   Here are some cognate materials you influence furnish thrilling to succor you order for this week’s discourse column and direct week’s Assignment 3: A slide appearance from "Talk Like Ted" (to-leap gone-by the primeval few slides): https://www.slideshare.net/cvgallo/talk-liketed-slideshare-fina-lck/18-Unleash_the_master_withinDig_deep “How to Hand a Killer Workplace Delivery That Would Rival a Ted Talk” https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-deliver-killer-workplace-presentation-would-rival-joshua-miller/ “9 Science-Backed Methods for Happier, More Productive Meeting” https://open.buffer.com/how-to-hold-a-better-meeting-research/ Please mind to include twain JWMI and palpable media in your discourse column (in-text citations) and register them in your intimation exception. Have a vast week – cling trustworthy.