I need this paper done by 8/23/19

Intervention Paper  A decisive Nursing Dissertation is required in which students apportion their learnings about the well-behavedness bearing to their coming functional manner. Students should excellent a population and a elucidation appropriate to their coming functional goals and picture a well-behavedness-focused program or agency conducive to this elucidation and population. This program or agency should form firm, precarious, and integrative use of the concepts explored in the readings and adjust discussions. In these Nursing Dissertations, the conceptualization of supernatural health/wellness that is the premise of this program or agency should be compound, its cultural decorum considered, and its illustration vis-à-vis an integration delay the medical design addressed. In completing these Nursing Dissertations, students should arrive-at unreserved to attract on acquaintance from other courses. Students obtain bear the convenience to question delay the adjust respecting their Nursing Dissertations antecedently submitting the decisive Nursing Dissertation. This Nursing Dissertation should grasp references and a bibliography—from this adjust as well-behaved-behaved as other sources—and should be no over than 6 pages desire.