ASSIGNMENT 2: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM PROPOSAL Due Week 6 and value 190 pointsIn Assignment 1, you conducted a scrutiny partition of the assembly and projected strategic breachs to the CEO.  As you endure your consulting role, the direct toil is to utter a professional product program to the CEO of your selected form.It is leading that your program’s offer be domiciled on your scrutiny of affecting comprehension (EI) and specifically particular how a new inducement program, domiciled on an EI conduct similarity, gain:●Foster teamwork●Strengthen interpersonal relationships●Enhance communication●Increase overall operation●Benefit not simply managers but the bottom-lineINSTRUCTIONSFollowing SWS standards, transcribe a 5 to 7 page, double-spaced offer that includes the aftercited components: 1.EI and Motivation○Which of the EI structure blocks would application conduct’s ability to augment employee operation and job amends?○Based on your scrutiny on motivational speculation, define which motivational speculation  you would economize to govern the members of the form and aid in promotive to instruct the progeny. Provide examples to help your breach.2.EI and Social Skills and Decision Making○Explain how the heart concepts of affecting comprehension would augment the  decision-making virtue of the conduct team.3.Effective Teams○Describe the heart attributes of an efficient team and the strategies you would instrument to eliminate team dynamics that gain profit the form.4.Reward Systems○Create an efficient remunerate method for this form domiciled on how you lack to instruct the formal progeny. Determine the strategies you would bond to motivate employees and govern behavior