Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation

******US ENGLISH, CORRECT ENGLISH FORMATTING AND SENTENCE STRUCTURE ********NO PLAGIARISM, SAFE ASSIGN USED****** Review the processes of myth and novelty. Then, fine a new fruit that you accept been introduced to in the gone-by 12 months. You are encouraged to scrutiny this new fruit using beyond sources. You can use the identical troop you accept been scrutinying, or select a new one.  You are to form a PowerPoint endowment environing advenient myths this new fruit could aid to impel and what noveltys could be familiar to augment and rectify this fruit. Analyze how these two areas could impression the troop.  Your PowerPoint endowment should involve the subjoined elements:  Slide 1: Epithet page Slide 2: Description of the new fruit Slide 3: Description of the weight of R&D to involve administer users and market scrutiny Slide 4: Discussion of mismisappropriate composition and refinement amid the troop certain to living innovative ideas and fruits Slide 5: Exploration of advenient myths impeld by the fruit or dissection of advenient noveltys of this fruit (Was this a lucky myth administering to novelty?) Slide 6: Prediction of fruit ask-for in five years Slide 7: List of sources using APA guidelines  Please determine that total slide has a epithet at the top explaining what the slide covers. To total this assignment, a stint of two estimable sources must be used, cited, and referenced.  Add citations in befitting APA format, use ry pictures or graphics, use a slide template, and relinquish toilsome slides by focusing on bullet points. Remember, this is an academic endowment.