Building & Capturing Customer Value powerpoint presentation.

In a three-five diminutive PowerPoint donation, prefer a emanation or labor that you personally use and prize in its rate. Pull concurrently the following sections in your powerpoint donation:  Determining  customer rate Choose a fondling emanation or labor and then educe powerpoint that describes the following: 1. Emanation Description: Describe the emanation - what is it? What does it do? 2. Target Audience: Who do you prize this emanation is targeted to? Name leading and minor audiences  3.  Product Benefits: a. Define one or more of the chosen emanation's inequitable customer benefits/rate as it is marketed to consumers b. Describe the actual/real benefits of the emanation that you personally follow. Does it mirror the advertising and marketing or is it irrelative? Is your discernment irrelative from the substance?  Evaluate emanation/labor customer rate, perceived rate and derived value c. Determine which specific factors influence customer rate for your chosen emanation/service: -Pricing -Receiving what is desired/needed Quality Defined benefits Emotional payoff Achievement of a goal/desire Be conceptional and ponder that you are informing your marketing team environing what you scholarly environing this emanation through this focused partition.