Decision Making

  Chapter 5 discusses conclusion making using arrangement patterning. The doer little mentions an notorious beginning software machine, EMA Workbench, that can act EMA and ESDMA patterning. Find EMA Workbench online and go to their deep website (not the GitHub download site). Then do the following: 1) Under documentation, go to the Tutorials page. 2) Read through the Incomplex Pattern (in your chosen environment), and the Mexican Flu pattern.  3) Decide how you could use this software to constitute a pattern to acceleration in developing a cunning for a Smart City.  To entire this assignment, you must do the following: A) Constitute a new continuity. As indicated aloft, decipher how you could use the EMA Workbench software to develop a pattern to acceleration constitute a cunning for a Smart City. Decipher what cunning you are reserved to constitute (i.e. exchange unencumbered importation, surveillance camera coverage, taxi licenses issued, etc.), and what key features you would use in your pattern. Then, decipher how EMA Workbench would acceleration you. NOTE: tend your patterns and features incomplex. You don't truly need further than 2 or 3 features to constitute your summit hither.