Essay writing

  This learning assignment has a biased theme or you may bring-forward a theme to the zealot. Select an construction, either your own or another.  Discuss at lowest five key drivers of ERM aptitude that are or should be present in your clarified construction. Your argument should grasp why you clarified each key driver, how each one aligns delay the construction's strategic plans, and how each contributes to ERM aptitude. OR Select a theme of your own: requires a one-page intellectual and liberty from the zealot. (This is the merely one that requires anterior zealot plaudit) Assignment requirements: Papers must be your former result. Papers must be at lowest 10 double-spaced pages odious of name page, intellectual, tables and figures, references, and any appendices.  At lowest 15 references are expected and at lowest 10 of those must be peer-reviewed. The pamphlet, sources, and citations are to be supposing in APA format. Reminders on APA Guidelines The pamphlet should be double-spaced standard-sized (8.5" x 11"), delay 1" margins on all sides. APA recommends using 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Include a page header at the top of perfect page. Your pamphlet should grasp disgusting superior sections: the Name Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References. This learning pamphlet is segregate of the arrangement to qualify you for writing your dissertation. APA title and good-tempered-tempered academic writing skills are necessary.