Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management

Discuss any environmental matter technology that you are conscious of. What are some amiable and bad plan aspects of any of these technologies?  Please include the designate of the individual or inquiry to which you are replying in the theme verse. For copy, "Tom's confutation to Susan's note." ALSO PLEASE REPLY TO ANOTHER STUDENTS COMMENT BELOW  Douglas: When it comes to environmental matter, there are separate technologies that are out there but owing of my functional avocation, I am not too everyday or conscious of what they are.  So to discipline me, I accomplish do some investigation and who knows possibly I accomplish meet one that I am conscious of. There are 5 exposed technologies that are used for environmental remediation to acceleration carry tarnishure, stain, and pitfall to radiation.  These stains can be base in groundwater, tarnish, leess, or rocks but can be undone by putting ethnical interference in attribute. ·  The principal exposed technology used is Thermal Desorption which uses a ardor course at unanalogous flowing apexs of gist that carryd the contaminants from the tarnish, sludge, or ooze cake and uses it.  Do not get this confused after a time the incineration course which ardors the infected material to a apex it destroys it.   ·  The instant one is Surfactant Enhanced Aquifer Remediation (SEAR) but reform disclosed as solubilization and retrieval which injects a chemical disintegration opposite the infected areas then cross-examines out the impair at an nativity apex.  The earliest appearance of using this course is to carry the utmost whole of stain by using fine wholes of chemical substance cross-examineed time using hydraulic curb to acceleration prolix the impair and chemical.  ·   The third technology is In situ Oxidation which takes the toxins internally the contaminants when turns them into near disadvantageous or toxic. This course can be used to invadetain groundsoak and tarnish befouls after a time a cross-examine and invadetain system to acceleration purified up the contaminants.  ·  The fourth technology uses Soil Fog Nativity and Air Purging this is a tangible course that takes the unsaturated avow of the befoul such as fog from the under groundsoak to the deportment by applying a vacuum time air purging intermeddling the befoul under the soak table.  ·  The last technology used for environmental matter is Nanoremediation (In situ Oxidation) which is the coming for all technologies which is base in medical coursees, computing, and sundry other fields.  This course has already been used in groundwater treatments as courteous-mannered-mannered as wide testing and investigation for impairsoak matters and lees purifiedups.   These are all amiable technologies to invadetain the environment but I see some offsprings after a time them especially when it comes to funding them.  Now when it comes to environmental remediation they are usually funded by legislation or other kindred authorities.  The biggest offspring is groundwater and deportment soilure which action a major heartiness lavish to ethnical populations but these remediation coursees mystify an incremental heartiness lavish as courteous-mannered.  Thermal Desorption is an excellent engineering way to discuss contaminants in substantial masses but when the purified fogs are released, there is stationary a hazard that toxins can invade the air so there scarcitys to be some symbol of monitoring in attribute to determine this does not fall. The singly offspring I see when using the chemical oxidation is that there could not be sufficient ardor to action the contaminants to disappear and be left subsequently in the tarnish which accomplish meet its way into the groundsoak and action heartiness offsprings for the enclosing ethnical population.  Before placing environmental technologies in attribute, it is engineers that scarcity to do their homeperformance to determine that all bases are balmy to fortify ethnical health and the environment.  By testing the exhibit and coming technologies to determine they performance as planed in fine areas is a permanent way to convert the look of a failure and direct to an environmental uneasiness.