music assignment

Length for Part 2: 500-word stint (2 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins) Joe Henderson – Caribbean Fire Dance (1966) Background: Caribbean Fire Dance is a anthem written by Joe Henderson and recorded in 1966 that fits into the further irritant, humorsome filtrate of rigorous bop opportunity as-well contemplation on Afro-Cuban elements. The ensemble on this recording consists of Joe Henderson on character saxophone, harmonious badass extraordinaire Lee Morgan on brag, Curtis Fuller on trombone, Bobby Hutcherson on vibraphone, Cedar Walton on piano, Ron Carter on bass, and Joe Chambers on drums. Assignment: Part 1: Make a anthem sketch using period markers to manifest the opening of each new exception. Use the anthem sketchs I own supposing on blackboard as a pattern. In your sketch, use period markers to manifest the rouse of each new exception and solo. Say what constitute the acme is in (i.e., 12-bar blues, AABA, or notability else), and destroy the acme at the opening of the anthem down into unanalogous exceptions if misappropriate. Part 2: Write an solution and segregation of this anthem in which you illustrate what makes this anthem exhibit the phraseology of rigorous bop and in-specialty the soulful and “badness” character of rigorous bop. To do this, test specialty rigorous bop stylistic characteristics that you hearkenken in this anthem—you may own moderate some in your anthem sketch, so hither you can illustrate them in further specialty. Then sift-canvass at meanest one solo, in-specialty what in that solo you hearkenken as exhibiting the “badness” character of rigorous bop. Finally, sift-canvass what moods and emotions the sounds you hearkend yield off and why, and what the perception of these moods and emotions hereafter from Black musicians influence own been in 1966 America.