Palliative Care

 Palliative Care Instructions:  Please accomplished the forthcoming steps for your argument assistance and exculpation. Reference beneath proviso to aid in forming your argument:  Norman, K. (2016). Feed and let die: The consequences of Oklahoma's nondiscrimination in matter act. Oklahoma Law Review 68(3). Retrieved from   Glenn Ross, a 55-year-old man subsistence in Oklahoma, was diagnosed delay inoperable pancreatic cancer. His prognosis was poor; he was fond environing six months to feed. He underwent sundry rotation of chemotherapy matters, but they were of no favor. He continued to waste gravity, suffered from loathing, and became weaker. After three months of chemotherapy matters, he orderly that he wanted no further matter. He became bedridden and was admitted into a nursing abode for final trouble. Glenn's son, who feedd in another propound, arrived at the nursing abode and demanded that his senior's physician be denominated directly. The son wanted his senior to be hospitalized and placed on chemotherapy directly. When the physician explained that there was pigmy vision for the senior's resuscitation, the son threatened to sue the physician for delaydrawal of trouble.   As the overseer of Glenn's palliative trouble readiness, you are imperative for subsidiary Glenn's physician circumcircumnavigate the expend juridical and religions series of operation. Answer the forthcoming questions in your argument assistance:   Identify the religions issues in the scenario vivid. Does the son possess a normal discuss to sue the physician? Why or why not?  Support your impression delay scrutiny and quote bearing laws and regulations that assistance or brand his propoundment. What are the feasible solutions to this scenario? Describe the outcomes that would supply a win-win seat.   Please be knowing to validate your impressions and ideas delay citations and references in APA format.