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Mini-Portfolio on Diversity & Equity AND Collaboration & Leadership 1. This mini-portfolio highlights your skills and habit in Diversity & Equity AND/OR Collaboration & Leadership. You may argue twain OR equitable one, as you longing.  Choose 2 artifacts that stipulate proof of these capacities and form a mini-portfolio focused on your capacities in these areas and transcribe a abrupt framing essay (encircling 600 expression) that introduces the reader to the artifacts and explains their import (and your choices).  You should be as biased as lovely in explaining to readers how the artifacts you clarified prove your abilities.  Remember that readers gain not be well-acquainted delay your operation, so you scarcity to depict it (rather than solely gesturing internal it). 2. Attachment is a draw for this assignment, gladden retranscribe the draw by alter vocabulary and rhetoric, execute it robust and balance love a essay.  Adding robust proofs narrative established on draw to likeness my force on collaboration & start.  Adding a omission stipulation and execute the definite disquisition balance 600 expression. 3. Due on Nov.15  8pm.