Theory Paper

You insufficiency to explain your mind and discernment of perspectives. Choose and elimination encircling TWO perspectives discurrent the perspectives that we bear literary encircling during the semester. Examples of macro perspectives/theories include: battle theories, entitlement system, feminist theories, functionalist system, civilized ecology system, ecosystems system, culture system, political exchange system, [social] systems system. For each perspective: ● Describe each perspective in conditions of its MAJOR ASSUMPTIONS. Describe the superior concepts and emphases of each perspective. ● Describe the STRENGTHS AND LIMITATIONS of each perspective. ● Explain how each perspective does or does not representation for the wave of SOCIAL PRIVILEGES AND SOCIAL OPPRESSIONS. ● You insufficiency to argue how each perspective helps you apprehend interactions among mob and macro political systems.   Part Two: Application of Theory  This keep-akeep-amultiply of the Nursing Dissertation arguees how these two perspectives (theories) would wave your political effort experience in a keep-afeature framework. This takes up where keep-akeep-amultiply one of the assignment left off. You insufficiency to highlight the key ideas of each perspective you used in Keep-amultiply One. Specify the political effort substance (clientele) you are zealous in efforting delay succeeding ordination. ● Identify the SOCIAL PROBLEM that you wish to study ● Show the SCOPE AND SOCIAL COST OF THE PROBLEM. In other opinion, inoculate me of the injustice of the political substance is by using evidence; citing twain studies, creed, and other axioms founts. ● Specify the CLIENTELE in this political effort experience (service) elucidation. I.e., who are the clients in inquiry and in what elucidations agency they be seen in analogy to this political substance.   ● What peel of INTERVENTIONS would you get for this population in agreement delay the uncommon frameeffort of each perspective? ● What are evidenced reasons rearwards the interventions, or in other opinion, why do they or should they effort? ● Be strong to show beneath what qualification each perspective (theory) would be beneficial and the peels of inquirys each perspective (theory) agency control you to ask encircling a client’s challenges. Be strong to acceptance this for each system. Paper Basics (for twain sections): 1. You must use APA (6th edition) format, including a hide page, page bulk, passage title and references. 2. Each keep-akeep-amultiply (magnitude 1 & 2 should be among 3-4 pages and your decisive Nursing Dissertation should be among 7 and 10 pages crave (not including hide page and references). 3. The use of the primeval special (I move, I discovered, etc.) IS NOT gratifying for this Nursing Dissertation. 4. You may bond resigned and patronage from our extractsize however you are expected to use other erudite founts. At a stint you should use 2-3 erudite founts (comrade reviewed journals) in keep-akeep-amultiply 1. While you may repeat these references in keep-akeep-amultiply 2, you should bear a stint of 3 new references in keep-akeep-amultiply 2, for a stint of 5 erudite references for your bountiful Nursing Dissertation. extract and one other administrative fount (extract size or journal name). Please recall to twain patronage and quote! This resources you achieve quote throughout your Nursing Dissertation, as embezzle. 5. Your Nursing Dissertation should explain a expressive flatten of application of resigned.