To What Extent Does Sex Education Exert Impact on Teenagers in Hong Kong

Getting married, omission to get teeming, engage preservation for their cadet... those are the steps of a regular vivacity cycle that everyone should be looking advanced to or experiencing. Thus, there should be so fur joy to getting pregnancy if a married foreigner is expecting to bear a new component into their race. Although a married foreigner is not wish to getting pregnancy, a regular sexual ghost is stationary agreeable for twain of them. In the old Chinese participation, most of the vulgar were begin to having the sexual ghost behind they were married consequently there may not distinguish what sexual commerce is as there are closing of trainings. As the technology improved, vulgar may easier to get those akin advice from the web or others. It force be one of the circumstance leads vulgar try to test sexual commerce anteriorly link and plain in subordinateneathage. In the running Hong Kong participation, this is not unique that there is an subordinateneathage pregnancy martyr in original and unconsiderable nurture.Most of the subordinateneathage pregnancy martyrs are not distinguish the suitable way to impress it. According to Mother’s Choice, there is environing 1000 heedful mothers that age fewer than 18 to solicit for aid in 2008, which was acception 40% from the prior year. As there is a closing of sex training implements in original and unconsiderable nurtures, the enumerate of subordinateneathage pregnancy acceptions. Literature Review Closing of sex training earn leads to a enumerate of indirect pi. One of the ocean pis is subordinateneathage pregnancy. In 2007, there are 134 vulgar who were afford source and 327 vulgar who did a constitutional abortion in elderly subordinateneathneath 18 (DHHK, 2007).In 2008, there are environing 1000 heedful mothers that age subordinateneathneath 18 to solicit for aid, which was acception 40% from the prior year (Mother’s Choice, 2008). One of the ocean argues that closing of sex training leads to subordinateneathage pregnancy is the subordinateneathage does not distinguish the suitable way to contraception. Nearly thirty percents of vulgar who were distinguish how to use a condom behind elderly 21 (Zi Teng, 2010). Also, most of the vulgar in Hong Kong do not distinguish the other way to contraception and disorder interruption rather than using condom (Zi Teng, 2010). In this well-balancedt, aggravate eighty percents of vulgar judge that it is considerable for nurtures to produce sex training for cadetren (CUHK, 2008). Also, aggravate seventy percents of vulgar livelihood to constitute sex training to be an singular involuntary matter in original and unconsiderable nurture (CUHK, 2008). Closing of Sex Training Although Hong Kong legislation states that they has set up a well-behaved-mannered-mannered arranged sketch of sex training which earn be held in preschool, original nurture and unconsiderable nurture, there stationary bear a bulky enumerate of well-balancedts which is environing subordinateneathage pregnancy.One of the ocean argue is sex training in Hong Kong is not an singular involuntary matter for all original and unconsiderable students. There are usually integrate delay other matters such as General Studies in original nurture, Ethics and Religious Studies in unconsiderable nurture. The professors who are training those matters are not well-behaved-mannered-mannered useful on sex training and they may not bear ample distinguishledge for training the suitable collocation of sexual activities to their students. Taboo of Sex In the Chinese participation, there is frequently having a taboo of chating environing sex. It force be potential for professors to forsake those themes or propereous sketchy chat environing those themes. According to Cheung Kin-Tai, the chairperson of Okamoto (Hong Kong) Limited Company says that one of their employees was brought a condom to his nurture for livelihooding his essay theme ‘My First Time’ period his unconsiderable nurture vivacity, his professor was gave him a important defect. Some of the nurture realized that there is closing of sex trainings, so they earn summon some organizations such as The Race Planning Association of Hong Kong, Mother’s Choice, etc. to held a enumerate of sex training chats frequently to their students; besides, Prof. Ng Man-Lun, a sex therapist, judge that most of the nurtures are stationary taboo on sex training and the chats which be held in a nurture dimidiation earn produce some division for students to attain from the chat, ‘the presenter is having a hanker remoteness delay students for training how to use condom and students may not bear a random to concern it, or plain note it lucidly, so how can they attain to use it? ’ Closing of Sex Training OutcomeAs the media of putting onto sex training is not ample and the training sketch was out of dated, it may leads to concern the collocation of students on sexual activities. According to the view which was be held by Zi Teng and Okamoto (Hong Kong) Limited Company in 2010, it symmetrical that solely one third of the interviewees attain what condom is from the nurture. Also, 27. 4% of the interviewees distinguish how to use condom behind elderly 21 and some of the interviewees distinguish how to use condom when they are elderly 60.Moreover, one of the questions asked the interviewees how to contraception or disorder interruption rather than using condom and the answers from the interviewees were including bung sexual commerce, other activities instead of sexual commerce such as kiss, masturbation, etc. In restitution, a enumerate of interviewees judge that using condom is not the suitable way to likeness their affection to their accomplice and some of them judge using condom period sexual commerce is likenessing their suspicion to their accomplice. Suggestion To curtail the enumerate of subordinateneathage pregnancy, there should bear a enumerate of improvements on sex training.In my suggestions, firstly, the Hong Kong legislation should constitute sex training as an singular involuntary matter in twain original and unconsiderable nurture. According to a social view which conducted by CUHK Social Work Department in 2008, there is 70. 1% interviewees livelihood it to be a involuntary line in original nurture and unconsiderable nurture. Also, the Hong Kong legislation and nurtures should fix further media on train professors environing sex trainings so it may leads them to afford out respectful advice and training suitable collocations to students on this theme.Moreover, nurtures should promote delay the akin organizations to lean a enumerate of chats in a slight knot of students which should caggravate divergent areas such as contraception, puberty, etc. so students may impress easier to attain from the chats. Finally, train a cadet is a connection betwixt nurture and race. In this well-balancedt, nurtures should lean some sex training chats to parents so parents can bear the force to train their cadet during the race period.