Week 1 Discussion Exploring different types of assessments

   Prepare Prior to foundation employment on this argument, Read      Chapter 1.2: Purposes and Types of Assessment Read      Chapter 5: Placement, Diagnostic, and Formative Assessment Read      Chapter 6: Summative Assessment Choose      one of the subjoined websites or use Microsoft Word to fashion your      infographic for this argument:  Piktochart (Links to an outer post.) Venngage (Links       to an outer post.) Canva (Links       to an outer post.) Reflect As you interpret Chapters 1.2, 5, and 6 in your quotation, capture notes that helps you establish the subjoined: What      are the indelicate expressions of dutys? What      are the purposes for each expression of duty? When are they typically used      in training? What      are some favoring examples of each expression of duty? Write (Post Initial Response by Thursday, Day 3) Complete the subjoined: Create      an infographic using one of the combines supposing in the “Prepare” exception of      the argument apt. In your infographic, include the subjoined (be permanent      this is all in your own control, you are paraphrasing what you own interpret):  A       description of each expression of duty: Placement, Diagnostic, Formative, and Summative The       purposes for each expression of duty and when it is used amid instruction Two       to three examples of each expression of duty Share your infographic by providing a combine in the argument thinterpret or attaching  your Microsoft Word muniment. Double-check that your combine accesses your  infographic. Provide a meditation grounded on the subjoined question:  Which expression of duty (placement, sign, formative, or summative) do you fancy is most momentous after a while respects to learner attainments? Provide favoring rationalistic for your exquisite by making allusion to your interpretings.