2 separate training and development assignments?

 Assignment 1 PowerPoint Presentation!!!! An exercise delineation is a written policy used to finish outlined ends. For the purposes of this assignment, the exercise delineation achieve be created using PowerPoint. An exercise delineation includes the components listed adown, and you may relate to page 237 in the textbook for appended control. State the end, which should fulfill what luxuriance contenteded achieve be used and how it achieve be used. The end for this exercise delineation is to benefit overseers delay fulfilling how execution appraisals are used to teach the luck of luxuriance trials. Include the strategies for reaching the end including what the trainee must do, what resources achieve be needed, and the stamp of assistance from overseers and peers that achieve be certain. Include the strategies for receiving the feedback, which achieve be used to teach the luck of the luxuriance trials. Define the expected tribute results and how the results can be used to better luxuriance. After the address slide, prepare your exercise delineation by stating the end. Next, fulfill at lowest three strategies for reaching the end. Briefly elucidate your chosen strategies delay assistanceing basis in the debater notes minority of the PowerPoint delivery. For the third keep-akeep-apart of the exercise delineation, enucleate a 10-question overlook that could be used to teach the luck of the delineation. Conclude your exercise delineation delay a resume of the expected results and how the overseer could use them to better luxuriance. This exercise delineation should include at lowest 12 slides. You must use at lowest two sources delay one substance the textbook and the other substance academic in naturalness from any basisbase delayin the CSU Online Library. Be abiding to refer-to and relateence sources using special APA phraseology. Assignment 2  ***  In the homework assignment for the matrix on appraisals be abiding to transcribe a truth adown the matrix addressing each shaft and each bullet object.***   In this homework assignment, you achieve enucleate a board on execution appraisals (PA) and how they are applied to luxuriance. In shaft 1, fulfill three opposed stamps of PAs that can be offered. In shaft 2, dissect how the PA can be applied to a luxuriance trial. In shaft 3, fulfill one stamp of luxuriance and one tribute hireling for each PA that could be used to fulfill luxuriance luck. Use bullet objects in the board. APA is not required for this homework assignment.