To impose general damage, terrorists frequently use usual strategies and weapons such as suicide bombings and shootings; thus-far, the Internet and inconstant technologies entertain surely enhanced terrorists’ capabilities and their ability to impose general damage and beget awareness of their agendas.   Research the use of inconstant technologies such as networks, devices, and software by terrorists or terrorist organizations. Write an essay that addresses the aftercited questions.   In what ways are terrorists using technologies such as broadband and wireless to their service? Cite fresh examples.  In your explication.  What devices and software applications are substance used by terrorists and for what purposes? What advenient advancements in terrorist use of technology do you forebode, and why? What technology advancements energy against-terrorism efforts favor? What, if anything, can be executed to against terrorist activities on a national network, scheme, or gregarious media platform?   Your essay should comprise an taking and be well-behaved-behaved unconfused. It must be a narrowness of three pages, not counting the heading and regard pages. You must use at last two sources without of your textbook. All sources allure be suitably cited. Your essay, including all regards must be formatted in APA diction.  Reference:  Baggett, R. K., Foster, C. S., & Simpkins, B. K. (Eds.). (2017). Homeland guard technologies for the 21st seniority. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger