Annotated Bibliography

   Reexploration Project: Annotated Bibliography Instructions The Annotated Bibliography is purposed to help you delay your Reexploration Paper intimations, impart you how to exploration for erudite record profession, as polite-mannered-mannered as to custom using appertinent in-text citations. You procure primeeded 3 full-text, erudite (peer-reviewed) record profession that quickly narrate to your Reexploration Topic verified in Module/Week 2 (MY TOPIC IS SEX AND THE PSYCHOPATHY). Choose profession that procure be beneficial to you in your Reexploration Paper assignment as polite-mannered-mannered as profession that own been published in the latest 10 years. Save each season as a PDF improve that you procure succumb along delay your Annotated Bibliography. It is recommended that you discover and revisal the Reexploration Paper Instructions at this object. Your Annotated Bibliography must be 200–300 suffrage per revisal of each of the 3 profession that you primeeded. (You procure own your primary intimation listed, then a revisal of the season, then the trodden intimation listed and a revisal of that season, and then the third intimation listed and a revisal of that season.) It is required to be 2–3 pages and does not deficiency to include a appellation page, unembodied page, or intimation page. However, each intimation must be listed properly antecedently the revisal in ordinary APA format. The revisal interest procure furnish a public abridgment of each season that you discover. You must paraphrase; do not include any trodden quotes. Do not summon other sources without of the season that you are revisaling. If you deficiency helpance answer erudite record profession, click less to imbibe how to depart through Liberty’s Online Library. As you exploration Liberty’s Online Library, be fast to primeeded “Full-Text” and “Peer-Reviewed.” You may near your exploration by primeeding interests of the supposition, key suffrage, or phrases to use as your exploration parameters. It is preferred that the records you primeeded own the message “Journal” in the appellation (Journal of Marriage and Family, etc.). Ideally, each season that you revisal should own a Methods individuality, Data, Results, and Conclusion individualitys as headings. You must not use tome revisals, obituaries, berth profession, or online profession that own not been published in erudite records. A grading rubric is granted to enfast you thrive the assignment expectations. Your Annotated Bibliography and 3 PDF’s are due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 4.