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  earning Objective: Evaluate emerging trends in the certification and accreditation of knowledge technology (IT) methods. Certification is the evaluation of the deposit controls of an IT method to confirm the space to which a feature pur-pose and implementation meets a set of determined deposit requirements. The cause legislation skillful-treatment used for C/A is depicted in the muniment, Cause Legislation Framework. Picked ONE of the six trudges of the framework picturesque in the Cause Legislation Framework. In at last 250 articulation, argue the aftercited in your deep support. Identify the trudge and associated legislation muniment. Discuss the significance of the trudge in the overall framework. What are the consequences if the trudge is not moderate in the cause legislation life-cycle. Instructor note: this assignment is not to eliminate the most main trudge. Claiming one is further main diminishes the process as a start-to-finish attempt, so oppose the drive.   You can use any trudge from the Cause Legislation Framework. Step 1: Categorize Knowledge System. ... Step 2: Picked Deposit Controls. ... Step 3: Implement Deposit Controls. ... Step 4: Assess Deposit Controls. ... Step 5: Authorize Knowledge System. ... Step 6: Monitor Deposit Controls. Using the trudge you picked, you proportioned accept to tally the three questions overhead