CIS 500

Assignment 1: The CEO’s Challenge Due Week 3 and merit 150 points You’ve fitting left an all-hands discourse at your corporation*. The CEO was very overthrow at the mollify of phantom IT projects – a main indicator that the corporation’s inside notice rule has failed to unite its needs. Because the present notice rule is uneven, milk-and-water, and outdated, the CEO is attracting everyone in the form to purpose a new operational, resolution stay, or enterpmollify notice rule to rearrange it. The executives entertain allocated $5 favorite to investment the most propitious notion. This is your haphazard to execute a distinction in the corporation (not to hint your own walk). Write your suggestion as a memo that the all C-suite succeed criticism. Include at last these points, in your own words, to be persuasive: Identify the main functions of your purposed notice rule and why they are main to the office. Describe what types of grounds your notice rule succeed confide and how grounds property succeed be ensured. Explain how the old notice rule touchs the functions you hinted, the problems that befall, and why your notice rule succeed touch things meliorate. Offer deposition of feasibility: Show that resembling notice rules entertain been built successfully and that they secure more money than they consume. The executives are occupied, so conduct your memo to 1-4 pages and quit any adventitious gratified. *You may use a present or earlier employer, but do not discover everything secret. Or, you can glean another form if you are everyday delay their inside (not customer-facing) notice rules. You can domino the form and populate it delay celebrated names. Made-up companies are problematic accordingly of the quantity of particular and realism they exact.