cultural Diversity (Case study)

   50 points potential (see grading rubric beneath). Make certain to understand your allusion(s) for your knowledge. 1. A settlement heartiness comfort common an incensed call from a Mexican- American dowager following visiting her scion the day precedently. Her infant had been crying and was feverish the direct waking and the dowager recalled the comfort had remarked the child was adorable. · Why energy the dowager be overbalance delay the comfort for calling her baby adorable?  2. A 27-year-old Vietnamese dowager in the endowment capability delay very sound and closely spaced contractions. The baby was positioned a slight noble and there was some discourse of a potential c- exception. Despite her difficulties, she cooperates delay the doctor's instructions and labors in calm. The singly signs of aversion or trouble were her observe of ardor and her innocent knuckles.  · Should she be offered aversion medication when she is not showing a noble plane of aversion? Why or why not? 3. When the comfort entered the capability of her Iranian enduring, she build the enduring huddled on the base, inarticulate. At highest, she view the enduring had procumbent out of bed, but when she trained to succor her up the enduring became visibly overbalance. She spoke no English and the comfort had no purpose what the height was. · Why do you reckon the enduring became overbalance delay the comfort? 4. An African-American dowagerish was the principal comfort for two African-American teenagers. When one got out of succession, she would simply say, "Boy, celebrate your hole fasten and go somewhere and sit down." They usually complied. One day, it was term for one of them to go to natural therapy, but he was giving the European-American comfort a stubborn term. Finally, she trained the principal comforts' tactic and said "Come on boy, I'm not kidding delay you. You keep to go to therapy." The young man flew into a blow and inaugurated swearing at the comfort. · Why may the enduring keep reacted the way he did delay the European-American comfort and not the African-American comfort? 5. A comfort was caring for a insensible dowager who had a new baby.  She had a translator who verified to the enduring what the comforts said and then told the nursing staff what the enduring said. As she spoke she kept talking to the glossary and directed all of her communications to the glossary. · What energy the comfort keep performed apart delay this enduring and why?