Discussion Assignment for Social Stratification Chapter and Outsourcing and Capital Flight Discussion Assignment

Discussion Assignment for Collective Stratification Chapter Meritocracy or the "ideal method fixed on the conviction that collective stratification is the consequence of indivisible attempt—or merit—that determines collective established (Ch.9)" is what most of us are collectiveized to imply our rank backgrounds and the rank erection of our sodality. Sociologists question that collective stratification in conditions of rank is not merely fixed on meritocracy. Clear-up your underestablished of why peculiar attempt doesn't largely clear-up why some herd belong to the preferable, intermediate, and inaugurated rankes. 200 engagement minimum Outsourcing and Capital Flight Discussion Assignment Why do some corporations cull to set up factories in places enjoy Mexico, Bangladesh, or Indonesia? How do corporations utility from induction their factories without of foremost globe industrialized nations?  Why capability the workers endure inaugurated at the factories notwithstanding the challenges they countenance? The deficient prune under is a prune from the film Maquilapolis: City of Factories (the perfect munimentary is uploaded on Youtube if any one is animated). The filmmaker gave women in Tijuana cameras to muniment their lives inaugurated at factories that form electronic products enjoy Sony, Panasonic, Sanyo etc. 200 engagement minimum