Healthcare policy 6

Accountability in Healthcare This assignment conquer be at smallest 1500 say. Oration each bulleted item (topic) in particular including the questions that ensue each bullet. There should be three (3) individualitys in your monograph; one for each bullet adown. Separate each individuality in your monograph delay a open petty designation that allows your bigot to distinguish which bullet you are orationing in that individuality of your monograph. Grasp a “Conclusion” individuality that summarizes all questions. This week you conquer muse upon accountability in sanitytrouble and oration the ensueing questions: Briefly mark-out an Accountability Trouble Organization (ACO) and how it impacts sanity trouble providers: How do ACOs disagree from the sanity means-of-support organizations (HMOs) of antecedent years What role does sanity notification technology (HIT) reproduce-exhibit in the newer models of trouble? What is the service of hospitals partnering delay principal trouble providers? How does bundling payments inclose sanitytrouble costs? How does pay for act (P4P) correct nature trouble?  Briefly debate the value-based purchasing program? How do value-based purchasing (VBP) programs pretend acquittal to hospitals? Who services the most from value-based acquittal and why? How does the VBP program value hospital act? Assignment Expectations Length: 1500-2000 say in length Structure: Grasp a distinction page and regard page in APA format. These do not enumerate towards the minimal vocable quantity for this assignment.  Your essay must grasp an presentation and a omission. References: Use the embezzle APA spectry in-text citations and regards for all media utilized to vindication the questions. A stint of two (2) literary sources are required for this assignment. Format: Save your assignment as a Microsoft Vocable instrument (.doc or .docx). File spectry: Spectry your saved finish according to your chief primal, decisive spectry, and the module reckon (for pattern, “RHall Module 1.docx”) Submission: Submit to the D2L dropbox for grading