The Critical Thinker and Culture

The Censorious Thinker and Humanization R. Steve Terry American Sentinel University BSN 43611-A May 30, 2011 Margaret Lowenthal Abstract Using the passagebook: Rubenfeld, M. G. & Scheffer, B. K. (2010). Censorious Thinking Tactics for Nurses: Achieving the IOM Competencies, 2nd Ed. Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. ISBN 978-0-7637-6584 Using the checklist in Box 3-2, account on your humanization and how it agency desire your censorious accounting morality of the liking. Then account of someone you production after a timeliness who comes from a humanization irrelative from yours. Account of a enduring from a irrelative humanization. How do you account those individuals would exculpation the questions? Introduction: Taken undeviatingly from my primary pamphlet, “ “. Thinking as a Censorious Thinker Censorious accounting is star we do integral day in our nursing jobs, and yet we don't put names to the calibre and pieces of honorable what it is we are doing timeliness making those decisions. Reading the primary two chapters of our passage tome has opened my eyes, not merely to what I do on a daily account, but has fond me recognition on how to breakdown the way of censorious accounting into tractable calibre, after a timeliness definitions for each exhibition. This breakdown of the way obtain not merely acceleration me in my day-to-day duties but obtain too acceleration me adjoin the way past enlightenedly to my peers. Now what would fall to the censorious accounter when you add his or her cultural aspects to the way they put coincidently and awaken their advice collected as that censorious accounter? Do you account the influences of one’s upbringing may improve or damage censorious accounting in the nursing ground? Let’s set-on-foot out by investigating my humanization of lad where I was born into the Appalachian area of West Virginian. Appalachian Humanization Appalachian is a fix of elevated mountains and fresh forests, enlightened springs and rivers, multitudinous plants, carnal and bird society. Its Cumberfix collocate is big coal mining country. Its farms are romanceally inferior operations. The area to which you obtain be traveling is one of vivid truth and romance (Commission on Religion of Appalachia, 1992). Being brought up in West Virginia, I bear frequent memories of a diction of maintenance that my grandparents and their parents taught me environing. One of the funniest romances we bear is a misgiving of doctors. Where I’m from in South Central, West Virginia, race merely go to the hospital to die. It’s my faith that this came environing consequently most race from the hills merely made it to the hospital at the ultimate stages of illness so it was felt it was the ultimate situate to go antecedently one dies. And this is not honorable in West Virginia it’s in all the Appalachian area. The geographic boundaries of Appalachia involve portions of 13 says, reaching from southern New York to northern Mississippi. It contains 398 counties in the forthcoming says: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. West Virginia is the merely say that the territory altogether covers. The territory is agricultural and civic, vivid and weak (Frank S. Riddel, ed, 1984). Way of Learning Expectation If you had asked me what censorious accounting was antecedently today, I would bear probably explained in stipulations that resembled the nursing way, consequently that is what I bear been educated environing for eighteen years; but, don’t account it’s been lenient for me. On the antagonistic, consequently of my cultural upbringing and the misgiving in antidote that has desire plagued not merely Appalachia but my race as courteous, it was very reserved in the source of my nursing progress to collect the sly truths environing creating a “trust” atmosphere among myself and members of my cultural order. According to Rubenground and Sheffer, "censorious accounting is the figurative bridge among advice and action" (Rubenground & Scheffer, 2010). That’s accurately what it has been for me, a bridge to procure expectation to members of my order. One of the biggest areas of discord in Appalachia and most other cultural areas is the misgiving of anything that is delayout of the order (Frank S. Riddel, ed, 1984). I admire as a censorious accounter that sagacious this has accelerationed me interpret how to adjoin expectation to this order and by sagacious primary the humanization of my order it has accelerationed me discover area’s that I can govern and areas that I cannot. I comprehend to use the morality of faith and effort to account after a timeliness my order to found expectation, consequently these are areas that my humanization see’s as leading, although they speed in bestow tidy at most times, I feel that I can acceleration them interpret, “the tomorrow”, if not getting treatment today cast of concept. Conclusion Humanization is honorable one of frequent aspects one must opine antecedently jumping to any conclusions environing message. This is too gentleman environing censorious accounting. This is why flexibility, open-mindedness and effort are such tenor calibre of the Censorious Thinking morality of the liking. Without them we may determine to honorable bestow up consequently we don’t interpret why someone may not interpret our end goals and why we absence to acceleration them. References Commission on Religion in Appalachia, “Economic transformation: The Appalachian Challenge”(Knoxville, TN C. O. R. A. , 1992). Frank S. Riddel, ed. , “Appalachia: Its People, Heritage and Problems” (Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 1984), xi. Rubenfeld, M. G. & Scheffer, B. K. (2010). Censorious Thinking Tactics for Nurses: Achieving the IOM Competencies, 2nd Ed. Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.