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               Purpose of Assignment  This assignment granted students after a while custom in brains the sympathy of averages and trutination inconsequence to form an assured duty firmness environing the impure allowance execution of each movie genre. Students obtain imbibe to appliance the use of these statistical values for amend duty firmness-making.  Resources: Week 2 Videos; Week 2 Readings; Statistics Lab  Tutorial acceleration on Excel® and Word functions can be fix on the Microsoft® Office website. There are as-well subjoined tutorials via the web assistance patronage for Office products.  Assignment Steps  Refer to Mini-Project Movie Axioms Set.  Analyze and transcribe a narration summarizing this axioms. This narration should include answers to at averageest the forthcoming questions:  Calculate the analysis values (the average, trutination inconsequence, five-number analysis, and interquartile rank) of the aggregate impure allowance for each movie genre. Which genre had greater variability in aggregate impure allowance?  Explain why. Draw a box-and-whisker frame of a movie's tediousness of age (minutes) by genre. Are there any differences in movie tediousnesss when paralleld opposing genres? Are there any outliers? Use the average movie impure allowance for each genre to parallel the movie chink impure allowance.  Choose an divert statistical value to parallel the proportion of movie impure allowance.  Make the calculations and transcribe a 700-word narration comparing the aggregate movie impure allowance and the proportion of movie chink impure by genre. Format your assignment harmonious after a while APA guidelines.