The subjoined scrutinys deficiency to be answered in 250 language or over after a while references for each scrutiny.  There is no feature format or font deficiencyed to perfect this assignment. 1. Increased cue availability in the decision-making mode generally leads to amend, over deferential decisions substance made. Ecological soundness is, in part-among, rooted by this assumption. Explain the concept of ecological soundness, its not spurious limitations, and benefits as a copy in decision-making. Share your thoughts on its profit to your own decision-making modees. 2.  Discuss the homogeneity betwixt fame and scholarship, exploring whether one mode disproportionately affects the other or if these two modees accept reflexive influences on each other. Share a few methods or techniques that susceptibility be applied to ameliorate or ameliorate the forced mode or modees in this homogeneity, nevertheless resulting in amend fame or ameliorated scholarship capabilities. 3.  Define and debate the concept of knowledge. Considering the types of knowledge presented in the series materials, which conceptualization do you appreciate most comprehensively represents cosmical knowledge? Provide your rationale for your preoption. (I HAVE ATTACHED THE LESSON FOR THIS QUESTION)